Councillor says Edenderry crime is being ignored by Garda chiefs

Noel Cribbin highlights Edenderry' drug problem

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Councillor says Edenderry crime is being ignored by Garda chiefs

Councillor says Edenderry crime is being ignored by Garda chiefs

Edenderry councillor Noel Cribbin has expressed his frustration as he claims Edenderry's crime problem is being largely ignored by Garda chiefs.

"As a local councillor on the ground I see at first hand the daily issues of drug abuse, anti-social behaviour and general disregard by sections of our community in our day to day lives," he said."

"As a member of the Offaly Joint Policing Committee since 2014 I have constantly raised my concerns of particularly the drug issue that I feel we have in Edenderry but so far my concerns are most definitely falling on deaf ears."

"I am not saying that Edenderry is better or worse than any other town but what I am saying is that we have a problem, a problem that is going on for years, a problem that we all see day in day out on our streets with drug activity going on in broad daylight for all to see but these people don't care," he continued.

"I have called for the Garda to take a more proactive approach to dealing with this issue by putting in more resources to try and break up this lifestyle culture before more and more of our youth get sucked into this world of drugs, unemployment, courts, jail and so on, never mind the heartbreak to parents and family."

"To date I have seen little or no response from our Garda chiefs in trying to tackle my concerns," Cribbin claimed.

"Last Halloween there was considerable damage done to our playground with over €3,000 worth of damage caused that is still not replaced, again due to the complete disregard by the culprits to law and order."

"I again called for more of a presence of Gardaí to tackle this problem, but since then there have been umpteen local house robberies, businesses broke into and only last Saturday, an armed robbery in a local betting shop carried out by two locals," Cribbin said.

"To me and the many people of the town that have raised their concerns to me, it looks like the Gardaí are happy enough to let this drug problem carry on as if it's only something that is temporary and that will pass. They are not treating it as the problem that it is and that is becoming more of a norm," he added.

"It's a problem I fear will finish up with someone murdered. I am not one bit happy with the lack of interest from gardaí in dealing with this growing drug culture in our town, that is why I constantly looked for more decisive action."

"Since last Halloween I have requested that the Chief Superintendent John Scanlon come out to Edenderry to meet the elected members," Cribbin said, adding that so far that invitation has not be taken up.

"I have no intention of letting this 'pass over' and I will keep up my requests for him to attend our meeting and give me a commitment that he will put in more resources to try and cut out this scourge on our community and on our families here in Edenderry," Cribbin concluded. 

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