Tullamore Veterinary Clinic launches dedicated Weight Management Service

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Tullamore Veterinary  launches dedicated Weight Management Service

Local veterinary practice, Tullamore Veterinary Clinic, is delighted to announce it has been named by ROYAL CANIN® as the First Approved Weight Management Centre in the Republic of Ireland as part of a national weight management programme.

The practice has received ‘Centre of Excellence’ status for its management of overweight or obese cats and dogs, and for the work staff do to educate clients on keeping their pets at a healthy weight.

To gain approved centre status, Tullamore Veterinary Clinic was required to establish a formal Weight Management Clinic, and to work as a team to refer their clients with overweight pets through the clinic.

The team received bespoke training from ROYAL CANIN®’s dedicated Weight Management Team, providing them with the skills and protocols to discuss obesity with clients and encouraging vets and nurses to work together to raise awareness of obesity and its prevention in pet cats and dogs.

Margaret Ryan MVB, Senior Vet and owner of Tullamore Veterinary Clinic, said: “We have received fantastic training from ROYAL CANIN® to achieve approved centre status, giving our team the confidence to discuss the sensitive issues surrounding weight in addition to educating owners how to recognise obesity through using the 9 point Body Condition Score scale."

"So far, we have had a fantastic response from our clients who have participated in the Royal Canin Weight Management Clinic and they are delighted with the weight loss their pets have already achieved. We are delighted to be able to offer this service to our clients," she added.

Louise Brennan from ROYAL CANIN®’s Weight Management Team said: “It is a huge pleasure to welcome Tullamore Veterinary Clinic as the first ROYAL CANIN® Approved Weight Management Centre in the Republic of Ireland. This is a unique platform for practices across the UK and Ireland to take advantage of and really excel in addressing weight management issues in practice and tackling prevention.”

"As an approved centre, Tullamore Veterinary Clinic can now discuss body condition scoring with patients to identify whether the pet is in ideal condition. If overweight or obese, they are then referred for further advice and support to their weight management clinic."

"The weight clinic is a complimentary 30 minute appointment with a weight management nurse, followed by ongoing monitoring, personalised advice and telephone support. They also educate owners about prevention during other clinics, puppy and kitten vaccinations, and at neutering to ensure owners are aware of the health risks of weight gain from the outset," Brennan concluded.

For more information, please contact Tullamore Veterinary Clinic on 057 9320293 or on Facebook (Tullamore Veterinary Clinic).

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