Most Offaly people believe social welfare payments should be cut for people who refuse job offers

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



POLL: Should people have their social welfare payments cut if they refuse a job offer?

In our poll, published yesterday, April 24, 62% of respondents indicated that they support the cutting of social welfare payments for people who refuse job offers.

Reports over the weekend suggest that there has been a 2000% increase in the number of people having their dole cut because they have refused offers of employment. 

38% of people responding to our poll said they would not support such cuts, with many qualifying their views by saying it would depend on the individual situation. 

Almost 3,000 people were penalised between the months of January and March this year, compared to just 359 when the new rules came into effect in 2011.

This suggests that more than 12,000 unemployed people could face such welfare cuts this year.

Willie O'Dea told the Irish Independent over the weekend that the cuts were "crude," and argued that people were being forced to take low-paid jobs where they were worse off.

He also stated that people were being forced to join training courses that were unsuitable or that were of very questionable value.