Offaly is getting older as average age jumps by 1.5 years

Damian Moran


Damian Moran


Offaly has an aging population as average age jumps by 1.5 years

Figures from the 2016 Census shows the population in Offaly is getting older with the average age at 37.2 years, compared to 35.7 years in April 2011.

However that number is just below the national average which now stands at 37.4 years. 

The average age in the country has increased by 3.3 years over the twenty years since 1996 when it was just 34.1 years.

Fingal continues to have the youngest population followed by Kildare. Kerry and Mayo have the oldest population followed closely by Leitrim.

Nationally, the average age of the population was 37.4, up from 36.1 in April 2011. The number of males aged 65 and over increased by 22% to 296,837, while the number of females aged 65 and over increased by 16.7% to 340,730.

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