Useful Offaly words and phrases (Part 1)

How to blend in and speak like an Offalian

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


Useful Offaly phrases (Part 1)

Me Ma – Not to be confused with the sound of an approaching ambulance, it means 'my Mammy'

Tree – The number before four and after two. Also a large item with branches and leaves.

Turheen – An unlucky number after 12 and before 14

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Turhee – Number after 29 and before 31

Ho – (pronounced like hot without the 't') – Double meaning. An expression that something contains excessive heat and also a standard response when a statement is not heard correctly.

Hames – To make a particularly bad mess of something.

Feiced – Used to express tiredness or the degree to which something is broken

Totally feiced – Used to express total tiredness or that an item is totally broken

Banjaxed – Used to express a state beyond total tiredness or to describe an item that is beyond repair.

Jayzus – Used as an expression of surprise.

Mane – Used to describe someone that is less than generous.

Lehher – Item of post delivered by the postman

Fodder – Term used to describe all food but usually invoked after a night of socialising

Grand – General expression of contentment that can cover a variety of situations including mood, state of repair of an item or the weather.

Shnake – An untrustworthy individual

Well – A general greeting that does not necessarily mean you are interested in the other person's general well being.

Pints – General description of all alcohol and not just restricted to pints of various beverages.

Session – An expression to describe a light evening's socialising

P**s up – An expression to describe a more robust night's socialising

I seen – Colloquial term for I saw

I done - Colloquial term for I did

Aks - Colloquial term for to ask