New speed limits approved for 18 Offaly housing estates

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


New speed limits approved for 18 Offaly housing estates

New speed limits approved for 18 Offaly housing estates

18 Offaly housing estates are to have new speed limits after changes were ratified by Offaly County Council at the July meeting of members on Monday, July 15.

The 18 estates have all recently been taken in charge by the council, meaning the council has a responsibility towards the safety and maintenance of the areas. 

The changes have been made in accordance with road traffic and speed limit bye-laws introduced by OCC in 2017. The new estates involved were taken in charge since the last speed limit review in 2017. 

The 18 housing estates will now have a speed limit of 30km/h with new signage to be erected in the coming months.

A number of councillors asked for further traffic calming measures in estates across the county with Cllr Eddie Fitzpatrick saying, "signage doesn't always solve the problem."

Cllr Noel Cribbin agreed and called for speed ramps and a variety of measures in some areas. He said speed is an issue in many housing estates in Edenderry and said, "you can put up all the signs you want, some people will just ignore them."

Cllr John Carroll elaborated by questioning the enforcement of speeding in housing estates, asking whether or not anyone has ever been prosecuted for speeding in such areas in the county.

Cllr John Clendennen said the issue goes well beyond estates and called for action to tackle speed, including greater enforcement and traffic calming.

Council management responded by saying further traffic measures can be looked at and the issue was referred back to the SPC. 

The 18 estates joining the 30km/h zone are:

Garraí Ard, Banagher

Abbeycourt, Clara

Cluain Abhainn, Clara

Heather Grove, Clara

Kilbride Gardens, Clara

Westwood Grove, Clara

Westwood Park, Clara

Carrick Vale, Edenderry

Derrybeg, Edenderry

Newberry, Edenderry

Clonowan, Kilcormac

Glendine, Kilcormac

Kyleboher, Kilcormac

The Priory, Kilcormac

Lismooney Court, Kinnitty

Teagan Court, Mucklagh

Arbutus Court, Tullamore

Spollanstown Wood, Tullamore 

The new speed limits were officially proposed by Cllr John Leahy and seconded by Cllr Eddie Fitzpatrick.