Funding sought for traffic lights at lethal Offaly junction

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Funding sought for traffic lights at lethal Offaly junction

Funding sought for traffic lights at lethal Offaly junction

Funding is being sought to install traffic lights at a dangerous junction in Clara.

Offaly County Councillor Dervill Dolan recently held a meeting with the road engineers in the Council to progress safety improvement works at Erry Mill junction in Clara.

Cllr Dolan was informed at the meeting that following his previous motion to the council a survey was carried out at the Erry Mill junction and an application has been submitted to the Department of Transport under the Low Cost Safety Scheme for funding to install traffic lights at the junction and realign the roads to slow traffic and make the junction safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Cllr Dolan said he expects the funding allocations for low-cost safety works will be announced by the Department early in the new year and he is quite hopeful the application for funding submitted to the Department will be successful. Cllr Dolan added that he wrote directly to Minister Michael Ring in support of the council's funding application also.

Cllr Dolan said Erry Mill junction is one of the busiest junctions in Clara and he was delighted that so much design work has already been done by the council engineers to make the junction safer.

Cllr Dolan said it is necessary to slow traffic approaching Erry Mill junction as many vehicles approach the junction too fast.

"The area close to the junction is a very busy public and community area with the school, the swimming pool, the playground, the library and the Clara Bog Interpretative Centre all close by."

Furthermore, with a pedestrian crossing on both sides of the four-road junction and many houses in the area, it is essential that safety improvement measures are put in place to make Erry Mill junction safer," he added.

 Cllr Dolan said there are also difficulties for traffic at the junction approaching from the New Road direction and from the town as motorists are edging out onto the road as sight lines are not good in some areas at the junction and there are times when drivers do not know who has the right to move.

He also said the traffic lights at Charlestown Bridge are a great success and he believes installing traffic lights at the Erry Mill junction together with the other safety measures proposed by the council engineers will greatly improve safety at the junction.