Warning issued for Luas works traffic disruption

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



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An Garda Síochana have issued a warning to motorists regarding disruption caused by upcoming works on the Luas tracks in Dublin City Centre.

To facilitate essential Luas Cross City construction works, there will be significant traffic disruptions on Dublin’s North and South Quays in effect from 8pm on Friday, August 4 until 6am on Monday, August 14, 2017.

Traffic travelling across O’Connell Street from North to South will be facilitated, however expect significant traffic delays.

Further to this, there will be significant traffic disruptions on the North Quays (night time works only), inbound, on the approach to O’Connell Bridge beginning Tuesday, August 1.

The South City Quays at O’Connell Bridge (Aston Quay and Burgh Quay) will be closed to allow for Luas Cross City works with major traffic disruption expected on both sides of the River Liffey.

There will be access to O’Connell Bridge via Burgh Quay and Aston Quay.

There will be limited access to O’Connell Bridge from North to South.

Both North and South routes over O’Connell Bridge will remain open for a restricted capacity of vehicles but westbound traffic will be diverted through D’Olier Street and College Green.

College Green will allow private cars access to the West of Dublin city for the duration of the quays’ closure.

On the north-side, restrictions will be put in place on Bachelor’s Walk and Ormond Quay Upper.

There will be no through-route past O’Connell Bridge on the South Quays and no right turn onto the bridge.

The public transport corridor that exists on Dame Street will be opened up to all traffic for the duration of the works (travelling Southbound only).

Traffic will be able to travel North from Westmoreland Street onto O’Connell Bridge but will not be able to turn left at the junction with Westmoreland Street and Aston Quay.

Some access will be given to the Aston Quay area during the works for local and delivery vehicles to reduce the disruption for local businesses.

Be advised that when using these routes, expect delays and avoid if possible.

Major traffic diversions will apply through the city centre but car park and hospital access will be maintained at all times.

An Garda Síochána, in conjunction with Dublin City Council and Luas Cross City will enforce all road diversions during this period and will control all traffic in the vicinity of all diversions.

If travelling in or around Dublin City Centre, please plan your route carefully in advance and An Garda Síochána request that motorists travel on any route towards O’Connell Bridge for necessary journeys only.

For any non-essential journeys to Dublin City Centre over the coming Bank Holiday weekend, we wish to advise the public to use public transport.

There are a number of events in and around Dublin City over the coming weekend. For people travelling by car to attend matches in either Croke Park or the Aviva Stadium, they should avoid the city centre completely and use the M50 to access Croke Park, north Bound (exiting the M50 at Junction 3, 4, 5 or 6) and to access the Aviva Stadium South Bound (exiting the M50 at Junction 14).