A surprising amount of cars pass the NCT in Tullamore

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Kilkenny has highest NCT pass rate in country

Figures released by the Road Safety Authority have shown where in the country cars are most likely to pass the NCT. 51.9% of all cars tested at the NCT centre in Tullamore pass first time, according to the statistics.

Kilkenny has the highest pass rate with 55% of cars passing at the first time of asking, and Tullamore features within the top 10 for highest pass rates.

22,488 cars were put through the NCT in Tullamore in 2016, with just over 11,670 passing and 10,800 failing the test which certifies a car to hold at least the minimum standard of safety.

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In total, 28,712 cars were tested in Kilkenny, of which 15,791 passed.

In second place for passing vehicles was Killarney (54.1 per cent), followed by Portlaoise (53.9 per cent).

Across the Republic, a total of 1,465,702 cars were tested last year, with an overall pass rate of 47.2% The national failure rate was 51.7%.

Meanwhile, the test centre in Clifden has the highest fail rate as 61.3% of vehicles tested there did not hit the required mark in 2016.