The many reasons to join Tullamore Toastmasters when they return this week

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


The many reasons to join Tullamore Toastmasters when they return this week

The many reasons to join Tullamore Toastmasters when they return this week

The Tullamore Toastmasters returns to the Central Hotel this week on Thursday, September 13

The group will meet at 8.30pm in the Central Hotel for another exciting year, where they will hear some fantastic speeches and topics once again.

They have also provided a list of the many reasons people should join and the many benefits they might enjoy from taking part in the Toastmasters. 

Here are just five of those reasons:

Combat Fear

Nothing crushes fear more than confronting it head-on. One of the biggest advantages of joining a Toastmasters Club is that it can significantly reduce any fears around public speaking. You can ultimately eliminate them altogether by allowing you to present repeatedly. After a few meetings, speaking will feel much less anxiety-inducing and much more like second nature.

Build Confidence

Confidence is critical to giving a killer presentation. Without it, you’ll not only make your audience uncomfortable by appearing nervous and unsettled, but you won’t be able to focus on an excellent delivery. Attending Toastmasters meetings and rehearsing your presentation skills frequently will give you more confidence in your abilities as you learn just how capable you are.

Sharpen Leadership Abilities

Whether you’re a CEO of a major company or you’re an entry-level intern, leadership skills are paramount to elevating your career. In addition to helping you lead more confidently and fearlessly, Toastmasters also allows presenters to take on various leadership roles within the organization so that you can practice leading your club in a low-stakes environment.

Improve Improvisation

No matter how thoroughly you rehearse, it’s nearly inevitable that you’ll stumble upon at least one question, comment or topic from the audience that you weren’t ready for. Giving repeated presentations will increase your ability to think on your feet. If an audience member throws a question out of left field, you can smoothly and confidently talk your way through it.

Expand Your Network

Toastmasters has over 350,000 members worldwide and it’s dominated by intelligent, educated people looking to improve themselves and advance their careers. That means that you’ll be exposed to a diverse group of people eager to share insights. You will make connections to expand your network of helpful people and resources.

If you’re ready to join Toastmasters, you can head along to the first meeting of the year this Thursday to see what you can learn and the friends you can make.