Watchful eye on school promises

Politicians who make big promises skate on thin ice.

Politicians who make big promises skate on thin ice.

Last week the Minister for Education Rory Quinn put his neck on the block. He made huge promises to build schools that are badly needed. It was a bold move and a statement that governing is not just about economics and cuts.

But parents, pupils and teachers in Offaly, where new schools are essential, cautiously welcomed the Minister’s pledges.

The public are cynical of Governments and Ministers who make promises. The perception, which is perhaps unfair, is that politicians never deliver.

There are high expectations on the coalition Government. But by giving them such a big mandate last year, the public have entered into a contract to support them through thick and thin.

The people are prepared to take the medicine to undue the mayhem caused by bankers, speculators and politicians. Voters will take the cuts so that the ship can be steadied.

But the public want more than just medicine, they need evidence that if the pain has to be suffered there must be some gain. In essence they investment in the future.

For the Government’s sake, Mr Quinn better be deliver or the contract could be torn up.