Art project at Renal Unit unveiled

A display of Art work from the Renal Unit at the Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore will go on display on June 28.

A display of Art work from the Renal Unit at the Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore will go on display on June 28.

Earlier this year Anam Beo Artists: Tina Gaffey and Kieran Brennan facilitated a Pilot Project in The Renal Unit at the Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore. This pilot was funded by the Community Foundation of Ireland which enabled Anam Beo to employ two artists for an eight week pilot programme of 16 process and participant-led art sessions with patients from the unit. As well as guidance from staff for the facilitating artists on how best to approach working within the hospital, the Renal unit also provided support funding for art materials and the framing of the artwork. A technique of printing was introduced to patient participants using materials suitable for all ages and abilities. This is a simple and accessible process and after a demonstration, participants took to the project quickly. With great enthusiasm all participants produced excellent results and agreed that their prints could be used as part of a larger group work which will be displayed in the Renal Unit for all to enjoy. The pilot project was a great success which allowed participants to print individual pieces of artwork whilst also producing a large group work.

Outcomes and responses to the project have been great from staff, facilitating artists and participants.

‘Very happy with that one, I’m taking it home’; ‘I didn’t think I’d like it, but I did’; ‘enjoyed it, loved it’; ‘would like to “learn to paint”’; ‘I only joined to encourage someone else, but am very happy with results.’ ‘I surprised myself by doing this. I didn’t think I could. I’m going to miss it next week.’ and ‘he really benefits from this’; ‘the artwork is good for both patients and their families’; ‘happy to work with artists coming in’

The Anam Beo programme is possible because of the consistent support and dedication from Offaly County Council and Dublin Mid-Leinster HSE.

Very special thanks go to Noreen Galvin, all the Nurses and staff at Tullamore Hospital for their dedication and support to the project. On June 28 there will also be an exhibition of artwork from the renal unit displayed in the foyer of the Hospital.