Edenderry courthouse closure concern

edenderry Town Council needs to ensure it does everything to keep the town’s Courthouse open

edenderry Town Council needs to ensure it does everything to keep the town’s Courthouse open

Speaking at the February meeting of the Town Council at which a letter from the Minister for Justice & Equality was noted, Cllr Foley said he feared the town could lose the Courthouse at the stroke of a pen.

“I hope I’m wrong. That’s a very negative letter,” he added.

In his letter to the Town Council the Private Secretary for the Minister for Justice & Equality said that all court districts are being reviewed as part of a process of examination taking into account the reduced availability of public monies and reductions in personnel in the context of the Employment Control Framework.

One aspect of this review is a study of the number of court venues which are needed in each district. “No court venue is being singled out or is exempt from the process. In this context therefore the future provision of court sittings in Edenderry is the subject of review and no assurances can be provided in relation to the future of any courthouses in the county.”

Town Council Chairman Cllr Jim Murrin said it was up to the Fine Gael members of the Council to put pressure on the Minister.

“I’m very concerned about this,” said Cllr Foley. “The Minister is not saying yes or no. Nothing is sacred these days. The Court brings great business to the town on the days that it’s sitting, so it’s important to keep the service in the town.”

Cllr Noel Cribbin suggested the Council ask the Court Service for facts and figures on the number of cases handled at Edenderry Court. “We should talk it up, not talk it down, spell out how important it is.”

Cllr Finian O’Neill said that if the Edenderry Court sitting moved to Tullamore there would be a court sitting in Tullamore very day.

“When I hear the word review, I’m afraid it means the discontinuing of the service,” said Cllr Fergus McDonnell. “Let’s see the Minister walk the walk for Edenderry.”