Offaly castle to provide stunning backdrop for upcoming bridal masterclass

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly castle to provide stunning backdrop for upcoming bridal masterclass

Offaly castle to provide stunning backdrop for upcoming bridal masterclass

Sandra Conway of LiaQBell will be hosting her Amazing Bridal Masterclass in the exquisite surroundings of Charleville Castle, Tullamore, on October 7.

Wedding fairs are commonplace these days, but before her own wedding, Sandra was looking for something a little bit different that she couldn't find. That’s when she realised that exactly what she needed at that time was exactly nowhere to be found.

So now, she’s solving that problem for others with this intriguing event, as she explained recently.

“What I felt like I needed when I was a bride-to-be, was to have access to an expert from each area that you need for something as important, and as special, and as defining to your life as your wedding day. But traditional wedding fairs make this quite hard because there are so many people around and so many things happening in front of you all at once."

"It can get so confusing with choice, and being advised on different things, and trying to get all of your questions answered. I longed to able to just ask all of my questions in one go, so that I could leave feeling confident that I knew everything I had to plan.”

As Sandra went on to explain, however, “But that kind of opportunity wasn’t available to me. Or to anyone as far as I could see. So now I want to change that, I want to make knowledge available to other brides-to-be."

"At our Amazing Bridal Masterclass, we’ll have Guy Clothing, Masters of Photography, Sonia Tahraoui M.U.A., Cheveux for hair, beautician Sharon Leavy, and many more. They’ll all be on a panel and ready and willing to answer every question that comes their way. And the best thing about being able to do it this way, is that somebody else’s question might be something you haven’t even thought about, so the advice given to one bride might also be something that helps another bride to make her day perfect," Sandra explained.

The Amazing Bridal Masterclass will begin at 1pm with a champagne reception at the Castle, with the panel discussion commencing at 1.30pm and running until 5pm.

The day will also feature a catwalk presentation from the Charlotte Lucas Bridal Collection, and will end with afternoon tea served on beautiful china.

Any experts who would like to lend their wisdom to brides planning their special days can contact Sandra about becoming involved.

“We have some spaces still available for experts, so anyone who is interested should definitely get in touch and we can talk. This will just be the first of these events.”

The Amazing Bridal Masterclass takes place in Charleville Castle, Tullamore, on Sunday, October 7, from 1pm to 5pm. There will be a champagne reception and afternoon tea.

Tickets are just €35 and are available at For experts wishing to take part, a place on the panel (subject to availability) and the chance to meet potential clients can be reserved for €50. Sandra can be contacted on 083-334 4334. M.C. for the day will be Anthony Sullivan.