Midlands 'Superhero Spectacular' to help sick children

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly

Midlands 'Superhero Spectacular' to help sick children

Midlands 'Superhero Spectacular' to help sick children

Helium Arts have joined-up with Little Big Town Kilbeggan to host a Superhero Spectacular to raise much needed funds for children in need.

Helium Arts, is the national children’s arts and health organisation, based in Mullingar, supporting children living with long-term, chronic illness and disability to let their creativity shine.

Helium is expanding its Dublin based hospital programme to the Midlands and urgently require help to support children living with illness in the region. Help us by coming along to our Superhero Spectacular on Saturday the 11th of August in Little Big Town Kilbeggan.

Help out a good cause while having a family fun-filled day! Funds raised on the day will go towards children facing isolation and sadness due to illness, making them feel happier and more connected. Your help will allow them to realise their full potential through the arts.

At the Superhero Spectacular, children will transform Superhero style through a number of creation stations. Through mask making and drama games children can reveal their superhero powers and a pop-up make-up artist will appear to add body art embellishments.

Parents can also capture their little superheros in action in our Superhero Selfie Booth! The event will be starting at 11am and end at 4pm tickets are €10 per child and €5 per adult including a raffle ticket.

Helium Arts’ creative projects creates space for these young people to make friends and have fun while developing personal and creative skills to last a lifetime. Our artists ignite their creative passions, fire hidden talents, and provide a springboard for ill children to imagine a new positive sense of self without limitations. “I’ve kind of learnt you don’t have to be just one person. You could be anything," a teenager participating in Helium Arts’ programme said.

Helium Arts believes creativity changes lives in hugely positive ways and plays an important role in health and wellbeing.

Helium Arts, the national children's arts and health charity based in Mullingar, is currently developing a Midlands regional film project for teenagers with illness in partnership with local health organisations and the local hospital.

Helium Arts is working to raise the funds needed to run creative sessions in the hospital’s Outpatient Clinics and filmmaking workshops in the community by the end of 2018. This creative project will provide a much-needed place for teens living with illness to support their well-being, creating positive experiences and long-lasting memories.

With your contribution, more young people will have fun with new friends and achieve huge satisfaction of seeing their ideas generated onto ‘the big screen’. On top of this they will be learning all-important creative and life skills.

Come visit on Saturday the 11th of August in Little Big Town, Unit 6, Riverview, Kilbeggan, Westmeath. The cost of your ticket will help connect sick kids with artists to inspire them for life.

One kid who lives with Epilepsy said recently that he learned "how to make films and how to make friends" at Helium Arts’ latest film camp. Helium Arts’ artistic director and CEO Helene Hugel says, “We are working with more teenagers than ever this year and we need to give them more access to art materials, creative mentors and equipment."

"Many of these teens struggle with loneliness because they miss out on normal time to make friends. They also feel so different and are scared to get close to peers for fear of bullying. That’s why Helium Arts is here! We are their ‘tribe’ as another teen on the programme called us.”

Margaret, Owner of Little Big Town says, "Little Big town is Delighted to Hold Helium Arts Superhero Spectacular. It is such a valuable charity and being local it is great being able to see the benefits of the work that is done."

"So come along and get ‘super’! Your contribution will contribute to these young people’s development of personal skills, creating positive experiences and happy memories which will last a lifetime."

Let’s help these kids’ creativity shine!