Dr Eddie launches #AskHowIFeel skin health campaign

Raising awareness about Psoriasis

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Dr Eddie launches #AskHowIFeel skin health campaign

Dr Eddie launches #AskHowIFeel skin health campaign

Dr Eddie Murphy, Clinical Psychologist, was in Dublin on Tuesday, May 1, to launch #AskHowIFeel, a campaign that aims to address quality of life related concerns for those living with psoriasis by approaching the condition from the inside-out.

The #AskHowIFeel campaign, created by Novartis in partnership with the Irish Skin Foundation, is designed to support those living with psoriasis to seek support from others and to have more open conversations about the impact the condition has on their lives.

The campaign empowers people not to suffer in silence, but to encourage  the people around them - friends, family and healthcare professionals- to #AskHowIFeel, by honestly discussing both the physical and emotional experience of psoriasis.

According to the Irish Skin Foundation, 100,000 people in Ireland live with psoriasis. As well as the physical symptoms, psoriasis can affect people emotionally; many people with the condition can struggle with anxiety and depression, impacting both self-esteem and confidence. According to the Burden of Psoriasis Report, carried out by Novartis and supported by the Irish Skin Foundation:

- 57% of people living with psoriasis in Ireland said that the condition stopped them from doing activities they love
- 77% said that their skin made them want to hide away
- 54% reported that psoriasis negatively impacted on their love lives, as well as the condition causing embarrassment for 93%

Dr Eddie Murphy, Clinical Psychologist and campaign ambassador, said; “Psoriasis is a complex condition that may severely impact your quality of life and self-esteem, reducing confidence, and for many takes an emotional toll. This campaign takes an interesting and different perspective, helping people look at new ways to live with their psoriasis."

"Skin conditions such as psoriasis can affect people’s view of themselves deeply, though it is rarely treated holistically. I believe it is important to treat both the emotional and physical aspects of psoriasis in order to have the best quality of life possible. I believe this can make a massive difference," he added.

As a part of the #AskHowIFeel campaign, Dr Eddie Murphy is collaborating with a number of people in Ireland living with psoriasis to look at how it is affecting their emotional wellbeing. Together, they will work step-by-step to achieve goals designed to overcome these challenges.

Dr Murphy will use his expertise to provide people with techniques to help them take control, while building a positive mindset around managing their psoriasis. In addition, he will introduce the SymTrac™ app, a free tool to empower those living with psoriasis to better track their symptoms.

Loretto Callaghan, Managing Director, Novartis Ireland, said; “We know that the impact of psoriasis goes much further than the skin. Many of those with psoriasis experience significant loss of confidence due to the symptoms of their condition and this deeply alters and impacts their quality of life."

"We encourage everyone living with psoriasis to have an open dialogue, to encourage those around them to #AskHowIFeel, in order to address the emotional and psychological impact of their condition. Working with Dr Eddie Murphy and the Irish Skin Foundation we have developed a practical way to look at psoriasis from the inside-out, offering hope for a better future for those with psoriasis.”

Dr Marina O’Kane, Consultant Dermatologist and Chair of the Irish Skin Foundation, said; “The Irish Skin Foundation is committed to supporting those with psoriasis and raising awareness about this chronic skin disorder. Psoriasis affects more than one in fifty people in Ireland – and varies in severity."

"The condition is not curable but can be managed through ongoing treatment. The #AskHowIFeel campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness of the deep effects of this condition and encourages those living with psoriasis to persevere with treatment options and to never give up hope.”

Novartis and the ISF will host the #AskHowIFeel Living with Psoriasis free public information evening for people living with psoriasis and their families on May 3rd, 2018, 6pm – 7.30pm, in The Alex Hotel, Dublin as part of the #AskHowIFeel campaign.

Dr Eddie Murphy, Clinical Psychologist; Dr Nicola Ralph, Consultant Dermatologist; Caroline Irwin, Irish Skin Foundation Board Member and Psoriasis Patient Advocate; and Dr Clodagh Loftus, GP Clinical Expert in Psoriasis will share practical tips and advice at the event.

For more information on #AskHowIFeel, or to register for the event, please visit www.askhowifeel.ie


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