Tullamore event to highlight danger of blood clots

Thrombosis Ireland are hosting the meeting

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Tullamore event to highlight danger of blood clots

Tullamore event to highlight danger of blood clots

Thrombosis Ireland are hosting an event in Tullamore Regional Hospital on Thursday, April 26, to highlight the dangers of blood clots to the nation. 

According to Thrombosis Ireland founder, Ann Marie O'Neill, who has had her own experience with Thrombosis, "blood clots do not discriminate between male and female, young or old, healthy or ill."

"They are the number 1 cause of death in our hospitals. 60% of cases are a result of a hospital stay or in the 90 days after discharge," she said.

"People do not know about them, their signs and symptoms and the fact that it is imperative that they seek immediate medical advice or it could potentially be fatal. Most of the survivors of blood clots have no idea that they are 30% more likely to have another occurrence," Anne Marie added.

Blood clots kill more people than Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, AIDS and Road accidents combined.

"There are many risk factors, not least cancer.  1 in 5 people who are undergoing treatment for cancer will experience a blood clot," Anne Marie explained.

"It is also a main cause of death in our maternity hospitals where risk is increased in pregnancy and for the 6 weeks after the birth. The risk is increased 100 fold in the first week after giving birth and not many know this going home with their new baby."

Thrombosis Ireland is a registered charity set up by patients to support and educate patients, their families, medical staff and the general public. 

Their aim is to save as many lives as possible, as many of the deaths that occur are preventable with a little knowledge. Of the approximate 4,000 deaths each year in Ireland, they estimate that 1,900 are preventable.

"We have developed a Thrombosis Alert Card, which will be given to all inpatients in our Acute Hospitals starting in May. It is a starting point, a conversation opener between patients and medical staff. It is a simple message that we hope will ultimately save some lives but we need to get the word out into every household in the country," Anne Marie O'Neill told us.

The charity's main annual fundraising events are the VHI Women's Mini Marathon and "To Hell & Back". "We are looking for guys and girls to participate in these events as part of Team Thrombosis Ireland and raise much needed funds for our awareness campaign," Anne Marie remarked.

If you would like to find out more about blood clots or help with a fundraiser for Thrombosis Ireland, you can visit www.thrombosisireland.ie. The event discussing blood clots in Offaly will take place in Tullamore Regional Hospital on Thursday, April 26.


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