Kildare woman who makes keepsakes of deceased loved ones appears on RTE news

Anita Gannon is 'on cloud nine' after TV coverage

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Donadea woman who makes keepsakes of deceased loved ones, appears on RTE news

Donadea woman Anita Gannon.

A woman from Donadea, close to Carbury in Kildare and the North Offaly border, who featured on an RTE news bulletin this week, crafts clothing from a deceased loved one onto Remembrance Teddy Bears.

It can be, Anita Gannon explains, a comfort to those in grief and a good way to remember happy moments of their life.

Following her appearance on the RTE news bulletin, Anita admitted she’s “on cloud nine”.

A few weeks ago she happened to hear a discussion on the Ryan Tubridy radio show where he was talking about a sense of smell and music, time and memory of somebody who has passed away.

And “somebody wrote in and had clothes from a loved one that they wanted to preserve and make them more tangible.” So Anita emailed the show explaining what she did.

“It’s kinda a hobby at the moment, but something I’d like to see grow. I can make teddy bears, playmats and quilts, whatever people want. Anyway I ended up on the Tubridy show and RTE took it from there. A journalist contacted me saying she’d love to come and meet me. “So she came out and made a short video!”

Based in Donadea, Anita can be contacted at She advises customers to "choose a couple of garments that mean something to you ... that when you look at it, you smell it, you feel the person. “The memory of the occasion and that person is brought back in that bear."

Speaking on camera, she explains “If I can help anybody in any way; if I can support them in any way, if I can bring them any bit of joy.

“The world is just hard enough as it is. If everybody can just be a little bit kinder, a little bit nicer, isn’t it just that bit better.”