Statistics show effects of 'Healthy Town' initiative on lifestyle and attitudes in Tullamore

It has been a boost for the town

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Statistics show effects of 'Healthy Town' initiative on lifestyle and attitudes in Tullamore

Statistics show effects of 'Healthy Town' initiative on lifestyle and attitudes in Tullamore

The Healthy Town Survey 2017, reveals that the Pfizer Healthy Town programme which took place in Tullamore throughout September and October this year, has had a positive impact on helping people in the town and beyond, to get healthier.

Healthy Town campaign, which was supported by Healthy Town Ambassador and comedian Neil Delamere, involved a series of free health and wellness related seminars and events in Tullamore, including free motivational talks, public health checks, a parenting and family health talk, public walks, a cookery demonstration with chef Catherine Fulvio, and mental health workshops.

Almost a third (32%) of those surveyed were aware of Healthy Town and according to the research, 12% believe they have changed their ways as a result of the programme; in particular exercising more effectively and learning about nutrition.

Since the campaign took place during September and October, positivity about health and wellbeing has also increased - with 79% claiming to have a positive attitude towards health and wellbeing following the campaign, compared to 70% pre campaign. 

During the programme, over 100 people took place in a local walk to kick off Healthy Town, and more than ten health check days were organised and carried out in the town. It appears there is also more recognition of the importance of mental health in particular, with more people in Tullamore having said they are taking care of their mental health after the programme, 5% points more than pre-campaign, with 94% claiming to now take care of their mental health.

Some of the key findings of the survey were:

- 95% of those surveyed believe ‘Healthy Town’ has been good for Tullamore
- 9 out of 10 people surveyed after Healthy Town said having a healthy lifestyle is important to them
- Knowledge about health and wellbeing rose as a result of the programme – from 61% prior to Healthy Town to 70% after the programme took place
- 79% of people surveyed claim to have a positive attitude towards health and wellbeing, compared with 70% pre-campaign.

Anna Marie Delaney, Chief Executive, Offaly County Council said, “I am delighted that Tullamore has the opportunity to participate in the Healthy Town initiative this year and the research report indicates that this has been a very positive experience for everyone in our community. We look forward to continuing the good work spurred on by the programme into 2018 and beyond.”

Karen O’Keeffe, Director of Corporate Affairs, Pfizer said, “It is wonderful to see that the Healthy Town initiative had such a positive impact on the town and the people of Tullamore - in getting people thinking about health and wellbeing and helping them to take a few small steps to being healthier."

"Tullamore is an excellent example of a community that is enthusiastic about and interested in health and wellbeing – allowing the Healthy Town programme to really come to life. Congratulations to all of the clubs, groups, businesses and individuals who took part and made Tullamore Healthy Town a success and thank you to our Healthy Town Advisory Panel, Offaly County Council, Offaly Sports Partnership and Tullamore Sports Festival for their support."

"Tullamore has been a great example to other towns around Ireland of how, with a little focus, determination and collaboration, we can all improve our health and wellbeing.”

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