Over 1 million Irish mammies that need spoiling this Mother's Day!

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Over 1 million Irish mammies that need spoiling this Mother's Day!

Ahead of Mother's Day this coming Sunday, March 26, the Central Statistics Office has revealed how many mother there are in Ireland. According to the 2011 Census, there were 1,106,594 mothers in Ireland, of which 805,235 were still living with a child as part of a family unit.

There were 419,682 mothers working outside the home and 219,347 mothers at home looking after the family, so that's an awful lot of hard-working mammies with children to spoil them. But how many children?

The figures show that large families are not a thing of the past in Ireland. There were 64,248 families with 4 or more children, 16,646 families with 5 or more children, of which 4,845 families had 6 or more children. Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan had the largest families with 2.19 children per family on average.

First time mothers are getting older in Ireland. The average age of a first time mother increased from 27.4 in 2000 to 30.7 years old in 2015. The average age of all mothers has also increased from 30.2 years in 2000 to 32.5 in 2015. There were 3,978 babies registered to women between 40 and 44 years in 2015 while a further 224 babies were registered to women 45 and over.

There are also thousands of grown up children still leaving at home, and Irish mammies have a lot to put up with, so Sunday is the perfect chance to repay them. 439,478 adult children still live at home with a parent.

Are you prepared? 

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