Concerns raised following job losses at company in Offaly

Camilla McLoughlin


Camilla McLoughlin

Concerns raised following job losses at synthetic packaging company in Offaly

Concerns raised following job losses at company in Offaly

Workers hired in Clara to help with the production of facemasks were recently informed their positions at the company were no longer needed.

The workers have contacted Deputy Carol Nolan who met with management at Thrace Synthetic Packaging Ltd.

"I engaged with management at Thrace Synthetics in what was a very cordial and constructive dialogue. I expressed my concern at the sudden job losses.

"The workers remain dissatisfied at the sudden nature of the job losses and are seeking assurances that they will be considered for any alternative employment options with the company that may arise,'' said deputy Nolan.

The independent TD said that management at Thrace have assured her that this will happen.

"I want to stress the importance of maintaining good positive relationships with a strong local employer and the importance of ensuring that workers have their concerns addressed in a prompt and open process.

"I will maintain contact with Thrace and with the workers in order to try and advance the best outcomes for all concerned. These are uncertain and challenging times for very many workers. Clarity, certainty and supports, where they can be offered, should be offered. I will update workers as soon as I have any further information,'' she said.

Thrace Synthetic Packaging Ltd is a producer and supplier of technical fabrics and industrial packaging products.