ANALYSIS: Just over 1% of Offaly people have tested positive for Covid-19

We trawl through the numbers that have defined Offaly's Covid-19 battle in 2020

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Just over 1% of Offaly people have tested positive for Covid-19

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Figures released show that around 1.25% of the Offaly population have tested positive for Covid-19 since February. 

According to the 2016 Census, Offaly has a population of 77,961 people. According to official data from the Department of Health, Offaly has had 962 confirmed cases of Covid-19 since February up until midnight on Wednesday, October 21.

Offaly has been home to just 1.79% of all cases of the virus diagnosed in Ireland since February. There has now been a total of 54,476 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Ireland up until midnight on Wednesday night.

1,066 new cases were confirmed on Thursday. 

In the almost four months since June 30, Offaly has had 479 cases. It had experienced 483 cases between March and June 30. It had nine cases by March 22. By March 31, there had been 34 cases in the county. Since the first case was diagnosed in Ireland on February 28, Offaly has had an average of four new cases per day.

Offaly had a very high rate of infection between April and May, not least because of outbreaks at a number of factories, including almost 80 cases at Rosderra Meats in Edenderry. 

The early summer months saw very few cases in the county. Offaly had just ten new cases between the end of May and the end of July but a surge in early August resulted in a local lockdown for the county, along with Kildare and Laois. The county saw 135 new cases diagnosed in August, a huge jump on the ten cases throughout both June and July.

However, the rate of new infections has increased exponentially in Offaly since the beginning of September. From September 1 to Wednesday of this week, October 21, Offaly had seen 339 new cases of Covid-19 with our 14-day incidence rate now well over 200 per 100,000. The numbers since September first has seen Offaly adding an average of 6.5 new cases per day. 

Offaly's latest 14-day incidence rate is 221.91 having been just above 80 per 100,000 when the county entered a localised lockdown in August. The county has had zero cases on October 15 but in the days since then (up to midnight on Oct 21), we have had 114 new cases confirmed, including 38 on October 16.

On Thursday evening, Offaly had six new cases confirmed, the third-lowest number behind Leitrim and Longford in a sign the situation may be stabilising in the county.