Offaly woman jailed for assaults on two women and one man




Offaly woman jailed for assaults on two women and one man

Offaly woman jailed for assaults on two women and one man

A woman previously jailed was sentenced to imprisonment again after Tullamore District Court heard details of a number of local assaults.

Carina O'Sullivan, 27 Cloncollig, Tullamore, was sentenced to four months in the Dochas women's prison by Judge Catherine Staines.

The 49-year-old mother of three pleaded guilty to assaulting one woman on August 12 last year outside the Bridge Centre and another woman and a man in O'Connor Square on July 4 2019.

She also admitted a breach of the peace in O'Connor Square and a similar offence on January 25 last.

A probation report and victim impact reports came before Judge Staines when she considered sentence at the District Court.

Outlining the facts of the August 12 assault, Sergeant Karol Moore said the victim told gardai Ms O'Sullivan shouted at her when she was getting into her mother's car outside the Bridge Centre.

Ms O'Sullivan came over to the car and kicked the victim a number of times in the leg.

The offence in O'Connor Square occurred when she approached a man and a woman and threatened to sort them out. She called them offensive names and struck them.

She was prosecuted for engaging in threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour as a result of an incident on January 25 when she was a front seat passenger in a car stopped by gardai.

She was theatening and abusive to them through the window and had to be directed several times to desist.

Having read the reports on the accused, Judge Staines said she had not cooperated with the Probation Service and a psychiatric report indicated she wasn't suffering from any mental illness.

The court was told by Donal Farrelly, defending solicitor, that a report from a doctor indicated she would engage with the mental health services if she received a non-custodial sentence.

She had been assaulted by inmates during a previous term in prison and found it extremely difficult and had to seek psychiatric help as a result.

Mr Farrelly said she was disappointed the psychiatric report presented to the court was not of assistance to her and she had previously had in-patient treatment.

A separated woman, her children were now aged from 23 to 19 but she had raised them on her own. Mr Farrelly said she was very fearful of going back to prison.

Mr Farrelly also told the court that the victims of the assaults in O'Connor Square had formerly been neighbours of his client before she moved house and when she met them down town matters escalated.

Judge Staines said she had read the victim impact reports from both those people and the assaults had a devastating effect on them.

They were in fear of the defendant who had threatened them and assaulted them.

The judge said she had given Ms O'Sullivan every opportunity and her psychiatrist felt she did not think she had done anything wrong.

She had not cooperated with the Probation Service and there was nothing else she could do for the woman.

She sentenced her to four months in prison for assaulting the man in O'Connor Square and imposed concurrent four-month sentences for the other assaults.

The maximum sentence would be six months, Judge Staines added, but she was giving the accused credit for her plea of guilty.

A concurrent one-month sentence was imposed for one of the breaches of the peace and the other one was taken into consideration.

Recognisances were fixed for an appeal.