'It will cripple the country' - Offaly people react to possible Level 5 lockdown

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



'It will cripple the country' - Offaly people react to possible Level 5 lockdown

'It will cripple the country' - Offaly people react to possible Level 5 lockdown

Offaly Express readers have reacted largely in frustration to recommendations from NPHET to put the entire country into Level 5 lockdown - the highest possible. 

The news emerged late on Sunday after a letter from NPHET to government was leaked to the media. The Cabinet is meeting today to discuss its options. 

Offaly Express readers reacted largely in anger to the news with a minority agreeing with the move to lockdown the country again.

"They don’t know their head from their elbow," one reader said, labelling the situation as "a complete farce."
Another said: "I think it’s a joke. Level 5 lockdown but send the kids to school." They suggested we "lockdown the vulnerable, support them financially and get on with things. This is going to cripple the country."
One reader said: "If they are going to do it, do it now before the Christmas season gets underway."

Another agreed that it "has to happen but keeping the schools open is plain stupid madness."

"It's ridiclous that human beings are so stupid to think that Covid-19 wont touch them. It's ridiculous why some restaurants/pubs think they don't have to follow the guidelines whilst Covid is rampant in their premises and they don't care. We all will be closed down because of their negligence," another read.

One disgruntled resident said we "can't just keep locking people up," another adding "NPHET is running our country now not the government."

Someone else commented: "We need to get on with it. Yes, numbers are rising, but everyone has to be responsible for their own actions. Covid is going nowhere, we need to live with it. There won't be a business left in the state. The country is broke as it is. Seriously think Sweden played it right at this stage."

However, another reader reacted: "Our hospitals do not have the capacity to just 'get on with it' coming into the busiest season even without Covid."

"If we do nothing and hospital admissions continue on their current trend - we are screwed! I agree that if we adhere to social distancing we can keep the numbers down! Problem is - people aren’t," a further contribution stated.

Along similar lines, someone said: "Until people follow the guidelines this will be repeated and the cases will continue to rise."