Eighteen new houses in Offaly allocated to residents by council

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New council houses in Offaly almost ready to be allocated

Eighteen new houses in Offaly allocated to residents by council

RESIDENTS of the newest estate in Tullamore, Chancery Walk, have been allocated their homes Offaly County Council. The 18 houses are due for completion this month.

At the recent Tullamore Municipal District meeting, Councillor Declan Harvey congratulated the residents adding that he was, ''delighted to be here to see that come to fruition.''

He said he hadn't been inside the houses but they look very well.

Councillor Sean O'Brien also welcomed the allocation of houses in Chancery Walk.

''It was a long time coming. It is a fantastic development,'' he said. He also saidhe looked forward to the far side of the road being completed.

Councillor Neil Feighery said it was great to see all the tenants secure these family homes for themselves.

''It's a fantastic estate. I understand they are done to a high standard and It's great to have this allocation of houses.''

He congratulated John Cunningham, Senior Executive Engineer, Housing, with Offaly county council and his team.

'I would like to say well done congratulations to the families and I wish them the best of luck,'' said Councillor Tony McCormack. ''It's a fantastic time for them, they now have a home of their own to live in and bring up their families.''

Councillor Ken Smollen joined in congratulating the council and all the staff on the development along with all of the new residents.''Some have been waiting a long time for a home,'' he added.