All this week's Offaly GAA and Offaly Camogie Fixtures

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


All this week's Offaly GAA Fixtures

All this week's Offaly GAA Fixtures

It's a very busy week ahead for Offaly GAA with games fixed every day through to next Wednesday. See below for Offaly Camogie fixtures

Wednesday, August 26
Geashill: JFC, Edenderry v Rhode (J Longworth) 8.00pm.

O'Brien Park, Tullamore: JFC “B”, Tullamore v Raheen (R Dunne) 8.00pm.
Pullough: JFC “B”, Erin Rovers v Ballyfore (M Walsh) 8.00pm.
Faithful Fields, Kilcormac: JFC “B”, Ferbane v Bracknagh (SM Maher) 8.00pm.
Mountbolus: JFC “B”, Ballycumber v Clonmore Harps (M Fallon) 8.00pm.
Gracefield: JFC “B”, Gracefield v Durrow (C Groome) 8.00pm.

Doon: JFC “C”, Doon v Ballycommon (B Buckley) 8.00pm.
Rhode: JFC “C”, Edenderry v Clodiagh Gaels (M Carty) 8.00pm.
Walsh Island: JFC “C”, Clonbullogue v St Brigid's (B Glennon) 8.00pm.

O'Brien Park, Tullamore: U-15 HC, Tullamore v Ballinamere/Durrow (J Sampson) 6.00pm.
Banagher: U-15 HC, St Rynagh's v Kilcormac/Killoughey (K Dooley) 6.15pm.
Birr: U-15 HC, Birr v SBK (KP Kelly) 6.15pm.

Gracefield: U-15 HC “B”, Gracefield v Ferbane/Belmont (C Groome) 6.00pm.
Carrig: U-15 HC “B”, CRC Gaels v Drumcullen/Seir Kieran (N Flynn) 6.15pm.
Lusmagh: U-15 HC “B”, Kinnitty/Lusmagh v Coolderry (M Walsh) 6.15pm.
Clara: U-15 HC “B”, Clara v Shamrocks (N Cooney) 6.15pm.

Thursday, August 27

Croghan: JFC “C”, Daingean v Shannonbridge (P Corcoran) 8.00pm.

Friday, August 28

Ballinamere: JHC, Ballinamere v Shamrocks (N Cooney) 8.00pm.
Gracefield: JHC, Gracefield v Kinnitty (J McDonnell) 8.00pm.

Banagher: JHC “B”, St Rynagh's v Birr (J Sampson) 6.30pm.
Mountbolus: JHC “B”, Kilcormac/Killoughey v Seir Kieran (M Conroy) 8.00pm.
O'Brien Park, Tullamore: JHC “B”, Tullamore v Drumcullen (M Stones) 8.00pm.

Saturday, August 29

Birr: SHC, Kilcormac/Killoughey v Coolderry (K Dooley) 4.00pm;
Birrr: SHC, Belmont v Shinrone (N Flynn) 6.30pm.

Kinnitty: SHC “B”, Carrig/Riverstown v Tullamore (A Kinahan) 5.30pm.
O'Connor Park, Tullamore: SHC “B”, Clara v Clodiagh Gaels (D McLoughlin) 5.30pm.
Clareen: SHC “B”, Lusmagh v Drumcullen (R Fitzsimons) 5.30pm.

Coolderry: IHC, Coolderry v Birr (SM Maher) 6.30pm.
Banagher: IHC, St Rynagh's v Brosna Gaels (M Walsh) 5.30pm

Edenderry: JHC “B”, Edenderry v Ballinamere (C Groome) 5.30pm.

Ferbane/Belmont: MFC, Ferbane/Belmont v Ballinamere/Durrow (B Lowry) 11.00am.
St Manchan's Gaels: MFC, St Manchan's v Tullamore (E O'Connor) 11.00am.
Edenderry: MFC, Edenderry v Na Fianna (M Carty) 11.00am.
Clonbullogue: MFC, St Broughan's v Clara (K Williamson) 11.00am.

Rhode: MFC “B”, Rhode v Gracefield (P Corcoran) 11.00am.
Cloghan: MFC “B”, Cloghan v Shamrocks (A Kinahan) 11.00am.

Birr: U-13 FC “C”, Birr v Na Fianna (M Conroy) 12.00.

Sunday, August 30

O'Connor Park, Tullamore: SHC, Seir Kieran v Birr (B Gavin) 2.00pm.
O'Connor Park, Tullamore: SHC, Ballinamere v St Rynagh's (S Guinan) 5.00pm.

Rath: SHC “B”, Kilcormac/Killoughey v Kinnitty (KP Kelly) 12.00.

Moystown: IHC, Belmont v Shamrocks (J Deehan) 1.00pm.
Shinrone: IHC, Shinrone v Seir Kieran (M Walsh) 11.00am.

Crinkle: JHC, Crinkill v Clodiagh Gaels (J Sampson) 12.00.
Ballyskenagh: JHC, Ballyskenagh/Killavilla v Kilcormac/Killoughey (K Dooley) 5.30pm.

O'Brien Park, Tullamore: U-13 FC, Tullamore v Na Fianna (S Donoghue) 10.30am.
Rhode: U-13 FC, Rhode v St Vincent's (B Buckley) 10.30am.
Edenderry: U-13 FC, Edenderry v Ferbane/Belmont (P Scally) 10.30am.
Mountbolus: U-13 FC, Kilcormac/Killoughey v Clara (D Connolly) 10.30am.

Cloghan: U-13 FC “B”, Cloghan v St Manchan's (M Fallon) 10.30am.
Mucklagh: U-13 FC “B”, Shamrocks v Ballinamere/Durrow (R Dunne) 10.30am.
Clonbullogue: U-13 FC “B”, St Broughan's v Gracefield (B Glennon) 10.30am.

Tuesday, September 1

Shinrone: U-20 HC, Shinrone v St Rynagh's (N Flynn) 6.30pm.
Birr: U-20 HC, St Brendan's v Na Fianna (S Guinan) 6.30pm.
Ballinamere: U-20 HC, Ballinamere v Coolderry (J Deehan) 8.00pm.
Mountbolus: U-20 HC, Kilcormac/Killoughey v Tullamore (KP Kelly) 8.00pm.

Wednesday, September 2

Clara: U-15 FC, Clara v St Vincent's (K Waters) 6.00pm.
Cloghan: U-15 FC, Cloghan v Ferbane/Belmont (S Donoghue) 6.00pm.
Edenderry: U-15 FC, Edenderry v Shamrocks (B Glennon) 6.00pm.
O'Brien Park, Tullamore: U-15 FC, Tullamore v Ballinamere/Durrow (Paurig Gallagher) 6.00pm.
Ballycumber: U-15 FC, St Manchan's v Rhopde (P Corcoran) 6.00pm.


HQ Physio Junior A Championship, Round 3 
Saturday 29th August – St Sinchill's v Tullamore in Killurin at 6.30 pm 
Sunday 30th August – Kinnitty v Naomh Brid in Kinnitty at 11.30 am 
Junior B Championship, Round 3 
Sunday 30th August - Kilcormac/Killoughey v Lusmagh/ Drumcullen in Mountbolus at 3.00 pm 
Sunday 30th August – Shinrone v Tullamore in Shinrone at 6.30 pm 
Sunday 30th August - Birr v St Cillian's in St Brendan’s Park, Birr at 6.30 pm 
Hynes School of Motoring Minor Championship, Round 2 
Tuesday, 1st September – Tullamore v St Rynagh's in O’Brien Park at 6.30 pm 
TBC – Naomh Brid v Shinrone 
TBC - St Cillian's v Kinnitty/St Sinchill's 

O'Meara U16 Championship, Round 3 
Wednesday 26th August - Kinnitty/St Sinchill's v Birr in Killurin at 6.15 pm 
Wednesday 26th August - Tullamore v Kilcormac/Killoughey in Dr Kelly’s Field, Tullamore at 6.30 pm 
Wednesday 26th August – St Rynagh's v St Cillian's in St Rynaghs at 6.00 pm 
Buggy Coaches U14 Championship, Round 3 
Friday 28 August – Shinrone v Kilcormac/ Killoughey in Shinrone at 6.15 pm 
Saturday, 29th August - St Sinchill's v Kinnitty in Killeigh at 11.30 am 
Saturday, 29th August – Birr v Naomh Brid in Crinkle at 12.00 noon 
Sunday 30th August - St Cillian's v Lusmagh/Drumcullen in Carrig at 12.30 pm