TD blasts 'weak' response of NTA to issue with Edenderry-Dublin bus service

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


TD blasts 'weak' response of NTA to issue with Edenderry-Dublin bus service

TD blasts 'weak' response of NTA to issue with Edenderry-Dublin bus service

Laois-Offaly Sinn Féin TD Brian Stanley has slammed the response of the National Transport Authority (NTA) to complaints about the current Edenderry to Dublin bus service.

Deputy Stanley said, “The response from the NTA regarding the Edenderry bus service is totally inadequate and does not address the appalling service from Edenderry to Dublin.

“I have once again called for the National Transport Authority (NTA) to address the countless issues brought by Edenderry commuters. I have both written to Anne Graham (CEO of the NTA) and spoken to her directly on the inefficiency of the current service and received what can only be described as a weak reply. I have also put forward a number of possible solutions.

“The population of the Edenderry area has increased rapidly, with many residents commuting daily to work in Dublin. Edenderry is one of the few large towns within the commuter belt which unfortunately does not have a train service. They rely mainly on the 120 bus service operated by Go-Ahead Ireland. Since the handing over of these routes from Bus Eireann to Go-Ahead Ireland, commuters have described this as a “complete degradation of service.

"The 37-mile round journey means that commuters are now spending up to four and a half hours daily on a bus. The type of bus being used is similar to an airport shuttle bus which is totally unsuitable for the duration of such a journey," he continued.

"The NTA is not doing enough and propose no real solutions. Repeatedly chasing them for changes and improvements to their own services is unacceptable. They hold responsibility for the regulations of the routes they licence. Edenderry commuters are paying between €57-€72 per week and are entitled to a better service.

"I am proposing the following changes to improve the service:

"Make the 120 route an expressway service and failing this reduce the number of unnecessary stops between Edenderry and Dublin. Five bus stops in towns such as Clane, Straffan and Celbridge could be removed from this route as these locations are already serviced by either train, commuter buses or both.  This would substantially reduce journey times not having to divert into these villages and towns.

"The other issue that needs to be addressed is the type of bus being used. Shuttlebuses designed for short routes need to be replaced with intercity coaches. Go-Ahead, the route operator must be compelled by the NTA to have their buses punctual for morning runs from Edenderry.

"This is the least that the commuters of North-Offaly are entitled to. I am again engaging with the NTA to sort out this matter.”