Offaly GAA won't bring start of club championship forward

Kevin Corrigan


Kevin Corrigan


Offaly GAA won't bring start of club championship forward

Offaly GAA won't bring start of club championship forward

The Offaly GAA adult football championships will start on the weekend of July 24-26 with the hurling starting the following weekend, July 31-August 3.

The announcement was made by the Offaly GAA Competitions Control Committee after they decided not to bring them forward a week to July 17 – under the latest GAA guidelines, counties are free to start their championships a week earlier than originally announced. The football and hurling championships will then proceed on alternate weekends until conclusion.

The shutdown of activity because of Covid-19 saw Offaly GAA restructure their championship programmes – with the main hurling ones going from big groups of eight to two groups of four and football being streamlined less radically. Football will also consist of two groups of four but instead of them being criss-crossed with clubs playing the teams in the opposite group and having four games, they will now play the ones in their own group and have three games. There will also be straight semi-finals with no quarter-finals this year.

The Offaly Senior Football Championship final has been pencilled in for Sunday, September 20 with hurling a week later on September 27. This will allow for replays if necessary before the commencement of inter-county action in the middle of October – county teams won’t be allowed to train until September 14 but some training may be permitted for players of clubs gone out of championship contention before then.

Meanwhile, there will be two very attractive colleges finals on Friday, July 17. Tullamore’s Colaiste Choilm will play Cnoc Mhuire, Granard in the Leinster Colleges Senior “B” football final in Cusack Park at 1.00pm – Colaiste Choilm were playing some great football before the shutdown and will be hoping to recapture a championship last won by the school in 1990.

Later that afternoon, Bord na Mona O’Connor Park will be the venue for a mouth-watering Leinster Colleges Senior “A” football final between St Joseph’s Rochfortbridge and Naas CBS at 4.00pm – St Joseph’s are jointly managed by former Westmeath manager Luke Dempsey and a former Tullamore player and senior football manager, John Rouse while Rhode’s Aaron Kellaghan is one of their leading scorers and a star man.

The pairings for each round of the Offaly championships have been made and exact fixtures with venues and dates for games will be released in the coming week. The groups and pairings are:

Senior football

Group 1 – Ferbane, Edenderry, Shamrocks, Bracknagh;
Round 1: Shamrocks v Bracknagh, Ferbane v Edenderry; 2: Edenderry v Shamrocks,
Bracknagh v Ferbane; 3: Bracknagh v Edenderry, Ferbane v Shamrocks.

Group 2 – Rhode, Clara, Cappincur, Tullamore.
Round 1: Cappincur v Tullamore, Rhode v Clara; 2: Clara v Cappincur, Tullamore v Rhode; 3:
Tullamore v Clara, Rhode v Cappincur.

Senior hurling

Group 1 – Birr, Kilcormac/Killoughey, Coolderry, Seir Kieran;
Round 1: Coolderry v Seir Kieran, Birr v Kilcormac/Killoughey; 2: Kilcormac/Killoughey v
Coolderry, Seir Kieran v Birr; 3: Seir Kieran v Kilcormac/Killoughey, Birr v Coolderry.

Group 2 – St Rynagh's, Belmont, Shinrone, Ballinamere.
Round 1: Shinrone v Ballinamere, St Rynagh's v Belmont; 2: Belmont v Shinrone, Ballinamere v
St Rynagh's; 3: Ballinamere v Belmont, St Rynagh's v Shinrone.

Senior “B” football

Group 1 – Gracefield, Tubber, Erin Rovers, Shannonbridge;
Round 1: Erin Rovers v Shannonbridge, Gracefield v Tubber; 2: Tubber v Erin Rovers,
Shannonbridge v Gracefield; 3: Shannonbridge v Tubber, Gracefield v Erin Rovers.

Group 2 – Ballycumber, Durrow, Walsh Island, Ferbane.
Round 1: Walsh Island v Ferbane, Ballycumber v Durrow; 2: Durrow v Walsh Island, Ferbane v
Ballycumber; 3: Ferbane v Durrow, Ballycumber v Walsh Island.

Senior “B” hurling

Group 1 – Clodiagh Gaels, Carrig and Riverstown, Tullamore, Clara;
Round 1: Tullamore v Clara, Clodiagh Gaels v Carrig/Riverstown; 2: Carrig/Riverstown v
Tullamore, Clara v Clodiagh Gaels; 3: Clara v Carrig/Riverstown, Clodiagh Gaels v Tullamore.

Group 2 – Kinnitty, Lusmagh, Drumcullen and Kilcormac/Killoughey.
Round 1: Drumcullen v Kilcormac/Killoughey, Kinnitty v Lusmagh; 2: Lusmagh v Drumcullen,
Kilcormac/Killoughey v Kinnitty; 3: Kilcormac/Killoughey v Lusmagh, Kinnitty v Drumcullen.

Intermediate football

Group 1 – Clonbullogue, Kilcormac/Killoughey, St Brigid's, Doon;
Round 1: St Brigid's v Doon, Clonbullogue v Kilcormac/Killoughey; 2: Kilcormac/Killoughey v St
Brigid's, Doon v Clonbullogue; 3: Doon v Kilcormac/Killoughey, Clonbullogue v St Brigid's.

Group 2 – Raheen, St Rynagh's, Clodiagh Gaels, Ballycommon.
Round 1: Raheen v St Rynagh's, Clodiagh Gaels v Ballycommon; 2: Ballycommon v Raheen, St
Rynagh's v Clodiagh Gaels; 3: Raheen v Clodiagh Gaels, Ballycommon v St Rynagh's.

Intermediate hurling

Group 1 – Shamrocks, St Rynagh's, Brosna Gaels, Belmont;
Round 1: Brosna Gaels v Belmont, Shamrocks v St Rynagh's; 2: St Rynagh's v Brosna Gaels,
Belmont v Shamrocks; 3: Belmont v St Rynagh's, Shamrocks v Brosna Gaels.

Group 2 – Seir Kieran, Coolderry, Birr, Tullamore.
Round 1: Birr v Tullamore, Seir Kieran v Coolderry; 2: Coolderry v Birr, Tullamore v Seir Kieran;
3: Tullamore v Coolderry, Seir Kieran v Birr.

Junior football

Group 1 – Ballinagar, Daingean, Kilclonfert, Kinnitty;
Round 1: Kilclonfert v Kinnitty, Ballinagar v Daingean; 2: Daingean v Kilclonfert, Kinnitty v
Ballinagar; 3: Kinnitty v Daingean, Ballinagar v Kilclonfert.

Group 2 – Clara, Edenderry, Rhode, Tullamore.
Round 1: Rhode v Tullamore, Clara v Edenderry; 2: Edenderry v Rhode, Tullamore v Clara; 3:
Tullamore v Edenderry, Clara v Rhode.

Junior hurling

Group 1 – Kilcormac/Killoughey, Tullamore, Ballinamere, Ballyskenagh/Killavilla, Shamrocks;
Round 1: Ballyskenagh/Killavilla v Kilcormac/Killoughey, Ballinamere v Shamrocks; 2: Tullamore
v Ballinamere, Shamrocks v Ballyskenagh/Killavilla; 3: Kilcormac/Killoughey v Shamrocks,
Ballyskenagh/Killavilla v Tullamore; 4: Tullamore v Kilcormac/Killoughey, Ballinamere v
Ballyskenagh/Killavilla; 5: Kilcormac/Killoughey v Ballinamere, Shamrocks v Tullamore.

Group 2 – Kinnitty, Crinkill, Coolderry, Gracefield, Clodiagh Gaels.
Round 1: Gracefield v Kinnitty, Crinkill v Clodiagh Gaels; 2: Coolderry v Crinkill, Clodiagh Gaels
v Gracefield; 3: Kinnitty v Clodiagh Gaels, Gracefield v Coolderry; 4: Coolderry v Kinnitty,
Crinkill v Gracefield; 5: Kinnitty v Crinkill, Clodiagh Gaels v Coolderry.

Junior “B” football

Group 1 – Ballyfore, Ferbane, Bracknagh, Tullamore, Raheen, Erin Rovers;
Round 1: Raheen v Erin Rovers, Bracknagh v Tullamore, Ballyfore v Ferbane; 2: Erin Rovers v
Ballyfore, Ferbane v Bracknagh, Tullamore v Raheen; 3: Bracknagh v Ballyfore, Ferbane v
Tullamore v Erin Rovers; 4: Erin Rovers v Ferbane, Raheen v Bracknagh, Ballyfore v Tullamore;
5: Ferbane v Tullamore, Bracknagh v Erin Rovers, Ballyfore v Raheen.

Group 2 – Gracefield, Clonmore Harps, Ballycumber, Durrow, Shamrocks.
Round 1: Durrow v Shamrocks, Clonmore Harps v Gracefield; 2: Ballycumber v Clonmore

Harps, Gracefield v Durrow; 3: Shamrocks v Gracefield, Durrow v Ballycumber; 4: Ballycumber
v Shamrocks, Clonmore Harps v Durrow; 5: Shamrocks v Clonmore Harps, Gracefield v

Junior “B” hurling

Group 1 – Drumcullen, Kilcormac/Killoughey, Seir Kieran, Edenderry, Ballinamere, Tullamore;
Round 1: Ballinamere v Tullamore, Seir Kieran v Edenderry, Drumcullen v Kilcormac/Killoughey;
2: Tullamore v Drumcullen, Kilcormac/Killoughey v Seir Kieran, Edenderry v Ballinamere; 3: Seir
Kieran v Drumcullen, Kilcormac/Killoughey v Ballinamere, Edenderry v Tullamore; 4: Tullamore
v Kilcormac/Killoughey, Seir Kieran v Tullamore, Drumcullen v Ballinamere.

Group 2 – Coolderry, Lusmagh, Carrig and Riverstown, St Rynagh's, Birr, Belmont.
Round 1: Birr v Belmont, Carrig/Riverstown v St Rynagh's, Coolderry v Lusmagh; 2: Belmont v
Coolderry, Lusmagh v Carrig/Riverstown, St Rynagh's v Birr; 3: Carrig/Riverstown v Coolderry,
Lusmagh v Birr, St Rynagh's v Belmont; 4: Belmont v Lusmagh, Birr v Carrig/Riverstown,
Coolderry v St Rynagh's; 5: Lusmagh v St Rynagh's, Carrig/Riverstown v Belmont, Coolderry v

Junior “C” football

Group 1 – Edenderry, Ballycommon, Doon, Clodiagh Gaels, Rhode;
Round 1: Clodiagh Gaels v Rhode, Ballycommon v Edenderry; 2: Doon v Ballycommon,
Edenderry v Clodiagh Gaels; 3: Rhode v Edenderry, Clodiagh Gaels v Doon; 4: Doon v Rhode,
Ballycommon v Clodiagh Gaels; 5: Rhode v Ballycommon, Edenderry v Doon.

Group 2 – Clonbullogue, Shannonbridge, Daingean, St Brigid's, Cappincur.
Round 1: St Brigid's v Cappincur, Shannonbridge v Clonbullogue; 2: Daingean v
Shannonbridge, Clonbullogue v St Brigid's; 3: Cappincur v Clonbullogue; St Brigid's v Daingean;
5: Daingean v Cappincur, Shannonbridge v St Brigid's; 5: Cappincur v Shannonbridge,
Clonbullogue v Daingean.

U-20 football

Quarter-finals – St Michael's or Clara v St Manchan's or Gracefield; St Rynagh's or St Vincent's
v Wheery or Tullamore; Na Fianna or Shamrocks v St Patrick's or St Broughan's; Durrow v

U-20 hurling

Quarter-finals – St Brendan's or Na Fianna v Ballinamere or Coolderry; Kilcormac/Killoughey or

Tullamore v Shinrone or St Rynagh's; Drumcullen/Seir Kieran v Shamrocks; Belmont v