All the fixtures for all the GAA Championships in Offaly

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Offaly Express Reporter


REVEALED: All the fixtures for all the GAA Championships in Offaly

REVEALED: All the fixtures for all the GAA Championships in Offaly

The fixtures have been announced for all the championship groups in hurling and football in Offaly. 

There have been some changes to the structures including abandoning plans to run big eight team groups in the Senior, Senior “B” and Intermediate Hurling Championships and doing away with the criss-cross system in their main football ones.

Dates have not yet been set for the fixtures with midweek fixtures a possibility. 

Senior football

Group 1 – Ferbane, Edenderry, Shamrocks, Bracknagh;

Round 1: Shamrocks v Bracknagh, Ferbane v Edenderry; 2: Edenderry v Shamrocks, Bracknagh v Ferbane; 3: Bracknagh v Edenderry, Ferbane v Shamrocks.

Group 2 – Rhode, Clara, Cappincur, Tullamore.

Round 1: Cappincur v Tullamore, Rhode v Clara; 2: Clara v Cappincur, Tullamore v Rhode; 3: Tullamore v Clara, Rhode v Cappincur.

Senior hurling

Group 1 – Birr, Kilcormac/Killoughey, Coolderry, Seir Kieran;

Round 1: Coolderry v Seir Kieran, Birr v Kilcormac/Killoughey; 2: Kilcormac/Killoughey v Coolderry, Seir Kieran v Birr; 3: Seir Kieran v Kilcormac/Killoughey, Birr v Coolderry.

Group 2 – St Rynagh's, Belmont, Shinrone, Ballinamere.

Round 1: Shinrone v Ballinamere, St Rynagh's v Belmont; 2: Belmont v Shinrone, Ballinamere v St Rynagh's; 3: Ballinamere v Belmont, St Rynagh's v Shinrone.

Senior “B” football

Group 1 – Gracefield, Tubber, Erin Rovers, Shannonbridge;

Round 1: Erin Rovers v Shannonbridge, Gracefield v Tubber; 2: Tubber v Erin Rovers, Shannonbridge v Gracefield; 3: Shannonbridge v Tubber, Gracefield v Erin Rovers.

Group 2 – Ballycumber, Durrow, Walsh Island, Ferbane.

Round 1: Walsh Island v Ferbane, Ballycumber v Durrow; 2: Durrow v Walsh Island, Ferbane v Ballycumber; 3: Ferbane v Durrow, Ballycumber v Walsh Island.

Senior “B” hurling

Group 1 – Clodiagh Gaels, Carrig and Riverstown, Tullamore, Clara;

Round 1: Tullamore v Clara, Clodiagh Gaels v Carrig/Riverstown; 2: Carrig/Riverstown v Tullamore, Clara v Clodiagh Gaels; 3: Clara v Carrig/Riverstown, Clodiagh Gaels v Tullamore.

Group 2 – Kinnitty, Lusmagh, Drumcullen and Kilcormac/Killoughey.

Round 1: Drumcullen v Kilcormac/Killoughey, Kinnitty v Lusmagh; 2: Lusmagh v Drumcullen, Kilcormac/Killoughey v Kinnitty; 3: Kilcormac/Killoughey v Lusmagh, Kinnitty v Drumcullen.

Intermediate football

Group 1 – Clonbullogue, Kilcormac/Killoughey, St Brigid's, Doon;

Round 1: St Brigid's v Doon, Clonbullogue v Kilcormac/Killoughey; 2: Kilcormac/Killoughey v St Brigid's, Doon v Clonbullogue; 3: Doon v Kilcormac/Killoughey, Clonbullogue v St Brigid's.

Group 2 – Raheen, St Rynagh's, Clodiagh Gaels, Ballycommon.

Round 1: Raheen v St Rynagh's, Clodiagh Gaels v Ballycommon; 2: Ballycommon v Raheen, St Rynagh's v Clodiagh Gaels; 3: Raheen v Clodiagh Gaels, Ballycommon v St Rynagh's.

Intermediate hurling

Group 1 – Shamrocks, St Rynagh's, Brosna Gaels, Belmont;

Round 1: Brosna Gaels v Belmont, Shamrocks v St Rynagh's; 2: St Rynagh's v Brosna Gaels, Belmont v Shamrocks; 3: Belmont v St Rynagh's, Shamrocks v Brosna Gaels.

Group 2 – Seir Kieran, Coolderry, Birr, Tullamore.

Round 1: Birr v Tullamore, Seir Kieran v Coolderry; 2: Coolderry v Birr, Tullamore v Seir Kieran; 3: Tullamore v Coolderry, Seir Kieran v Birr.

Junior football

Group 1 – Ballinagar, Daingean, Kilclonfert, Kinnitty;

Round 1: Kilclonfert v Kinnitty, Ballinagar v Daingean; 2: Daingean v Kilclonfert, Kinnitty v Ballinagar; 3: Kinnitty v Daingean, Ballinagar v Kilclonfert.

Group 2 – Clara, Edenderry, Rhode, Tullamore.

Round 1: Rhode v Tullamore, Clara v Edenderry; 2: Edenderry v Rhode, Tullamore v Clara; 3: Tullamore v Edenderry, Clara v Rhode.

Junior hurling

Group 1 – Kilcormac/Killoughey, Tullamore, Ballinamere, Ballyskenagh/Killavilla, Shamrocks;

Round 1: Ballyskenagh/Killavilla v Kilcormac/Killoughey, Ballinamere v Shamrocks; 2: Tullamore v Ballinamere, Shamrocks v Ballyskenagh/Killavilla; 3: Kilcormac/Killoughey v Shamrocks, Ballyskenagh/Killavilla v Tullamore; 4: Tullamore v Kilcormac/Killoughey, Ballinamere v Ballyskenagh/Killavilla; 5: Kilcormac/Killoughey v Ballinamere, Shamrocks v Tullamore.

Group 2 – Kinnitty, Crinkill, Coolderry, Gracefield, Clodiagh Gaels.

Round 1: Gracefield v Kinnitty, Crinkill v Clodiagh Gaels; 2: Coolderry v Crinkill, Clodiagh Gaels v Gracefield; 3: Kinnitty v Clodiagh Gaels, Gracefield v Coolderry; 4: Coolderry v Kinnitty, Crinkill v Gracefield; 5: Kinnitty v Crinkill, Clodiagh Gaels v Coolderry.

Junior “B” football

Group 1 – Ballyfore, Ferbane, Bracknagh, Tullamore, Raheen, Erin Rovers;

Round 1: Raheen v Erin Rovers, Bracknagh v Tullamore, Ballyfore v Ferbane; 2: Erin Rovers v Ballyfore, Ferbane v Bracknagh, Tullamore v Raheen; 3: Bracknagh v Ballyfore, Ferbane v Raheen,

Tullamore v Erin Rovers; 4: Erin Rovers v Ferbane, Raheen v Bracknagh, Ballyfore v Tullamore; 5: Ferbane v Tullamore, Bracknagh v Erin Rovers, Ballyfore v Raheen.

Group 2 – Gracefield, Clonmore Harps, Ballycumber, Durrow, Shamrocks.

Round 1: Durrow v Shamrocks, Clonmore Harps v Gracefield; 2: Ballycumber v Clonmore Harps, Gracefield v Durrow; 3: Shamrocks v Gracefield, Durrow v Ballycumber; 4: Ballycumber v Shamrocks, Clonmore Harps v Durrow; 5: Shamrocks v Clonmore Harps, Gracefield v Ballycumber.

Junior “B” hurling

Group 1 – Drumcullen, Kilcormac/Killoughey, Seir Kieran, Edenderry, Ballinamere, Tullamore;

Round 1: Ballinamere v Tullamore, Seir Kieran v Edenderry, Drumcullen v Kilcormac/Killoughey; 2: Tullamore v Drumcullen, Kilcormac/Killoughey v Seir Kieran, Edenderry v Ballinamere; 3: Seir Kieran v Drumcullen, Kilcormac/Killoughey v Ballinamere, Edenderry v Tullamore; 4: Tullamore v Kilcormac/Killoughey, Seir Kieran v Tullamore, Drumcullen v Ballinamere.

Group 2 – Coolderry, Lusmagh, Carrig and Riverstown, St Rynagh's, Birr, Belmont.

Round 1: Birr v Belmont, Carrig/Riverstown v St Rynagh's, Coolderry v Lusmagh; 2: Belmont v Coolderry, Lusmagh v Carrig/Riverstown, St Rynagh's v Birr; 3: Carrig/Riverstown v Coolderry, Lusmagh v Birr, St Rynagh's v Belmont; 4: Belmont v Lusmagh, Birr v Carrig/Riverstown, Coolderry v St Rynagh's; 5: Lusmagh v St Rynagh's, Carrig/Riverstown v Belmont, Coolderry v Birr.

Junior “C” football

Group 1 – Edenderry, Ballycommon, Doon, Clodiagh Gaels, Rhode;

Round 1: Clodiagh Gaels v Rhode, Ballycommon v Edenderry; 2: Doon v Ballycommon, Edenderry v Clodiagh Gaels; 3: Rhode v Edenderry, Clodiagh Gaels v Doon; 4: Doon v Rhode, Ballycommon v Clodiagh Gaels; 5: Rhode v Ballycommon, Edenderry v Doon.

Group 2 – Clonbullogue, Shannonbridge, Daingean, St Brigid's, Cappincur.

Round 1: St Brigid's v Cappincur, Shannonbridge v Clonbullogue; 2: Daingean v Shannonbridge, Clonbullogue v St Brigid's; 3: Cappincur v Clonbullogue; St Brigid's v Daingean; 5: Daingean v Cappincur, Shannonbridge v St Brigid's; 5: Cappincur v Shannonbridge, Clonbullogue v Daingean.

U-20 football

Quarter-finals – St Michael's or Clara v St Manchan's or Gracefield; St Rynagh's or St Vincent's v Wheery or Tullamore; Na Fianna or Shamrocks v St Patrick's or St Broughan's; Durrow v Kilcormac/Killoughey.

U-20 hurling

Quarter-finals – St Brendan's or Na Fianna v Ballinamere or Coolderry; Kilcormac/Killoughey or Tullamore v Shinrone or St Rynagh's; Drumcullen/Seir Kieran v Shamrocks; Belmont v Kinnitty/Lusmagh.