Shoppers at Kildare Village will see big changes when it reopens on Monday

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


Shoppers at Kildare Village will see big changes on Monday

File Photo: A thermal imaging camera

Shoppers arriving at Kildare Village on Monday will be facing a number of measures to keep customers and staff safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thermal scanners at the entrance to the designer outlet complex will be checking the temperatures off all visitors. 

If their temperature is 37.5C or below, they will be given access.

To save time, shoppers can also book a space in a virtual queue at some boutiques.

Visitors are asked to keep the recommended two metre distance from others.

Kildare Village said: "All guests will have their temperature scanned on arrival.
"Hand sanitiser and hand-washing facilities are available throughout the Village.
"Please choose contactless payment options where possible.
"Please be aware that increased cleaning schedules and deep cleaning are in place throughout the Village."

It's believed that 1,200 staff will be back to work at the Village. 

On the thermal scanning issue, Kildare Village said: 

"You may also decline a temperature re-scan. However, consent to undergo thermal scanning, and displaying a temperature of 37.5°C or under, is a condition of entry to Kildare Village at this time.

"Thermal scanning is conducted in specially demarcated scanning zones, with social distancing measures observed at all times.

"Thermal scanning is non-invasive, and the scanner does not emit any energy. The scanning procedure is safe for use by everyone, including babies and children, pregnant women and people fitted with a pacemaker.

"Only live data is processed. Temperatures or any other personal data in this context are not recorded.

"Due to thermal scanning procedures it may take you a little longer than normal to enter the Village, and so we thank you in advance for your patience."


Meanwhile work is underway for a few weeks on building nearly 30 new retail units and a multi-storey car park beside the main shopping malls. 

Contractors John Paul Construction said: "The project, on over 6 acres is comprised of new one and two storey units adjoining the existing village, comprised of 29 new retail units as well as two restaurant/cafés and guest amenities.

The project also includes a new multi-storey carpark with 410 car parking spaces and an arrivals building to enhance their guests' experience."