Renewal works to re-commence in Offaly village this month

Karen O'Grady


Karen O'Grady


 Renewal works to re-commence in Offaly village this month

The €100,000 Town & Village renewal works in Kinnitty village will get underway once again this month.

The proposed scheme, aims to continue various public realm improvements in the central area of Kinnitty village, specifically to the north of the village green.

The project provides for a number of elements to carry on from the enhancement works undertaken and recently completed in first phase of the town & village renewal in 2018. These include streetscape improvements north of the central green area and the continuation of the undergrounding of overhead lines in the central area of the village.

Speaking at the monthly meeting of Birr Municipal District, John Mitchell, District Engineer confirmed the renewal works will commence in the village at the start of June. Welcoming the news, Cllr John Clendennen was delighted with the confirmation that the works would commence shortly.

“I would welcome it and it is great to see that it's going to take place again and take up where we had left off,” he enthused before seeking a number of assurances including there would be minimal disruption for local businesses and residents, improved lighting at the village green, utility service providers eliminating all over heard wiring and the continued provision to establish the village as a mountain bike trail hub.

According to the Fine Gael councillor, one of the objectives of the works completed to date was to ensure the ducting in the village was put underground for all utility services. “Unfortunately, this has not happened. Where we have a very ambitious plan to make the village look new and improve it, we still have utility service providers ignoring that, despite money that was spent at the time to provide ducting.

“I think we should be writing to them to ensure that we do start using that ducting and that all of the wiring and overhead services are put underground as soon as physically possible. In relation to lighting, it is a good opportunity for us to reassess our full lighting stock and how we have it rolled out across the county.”

On a different note, the Kinnitty based councillor pointed out that there were some places where there was no lighting and then, there were “black spots” while there were other locations with ample lighting that, perhaps, could be turned off. “I think we need to get that balance right across our towns, villages and townlands," he remarked.