Covid-19 Response Team set up in Killeigh

Ger Scully


Ger Scully



A Covid-19 Response Team has been set up in Killeigh

A Covid-19 community Response Team has been set up in the Killeigh and Killurin areas.

The development is part of a nationwide initiative involving a number of State bodies co-ordinating the local effort to look after the elderly, people with medical conditions, families in self-isolation and people living alone who may have a carer who cannot call.

“The main focus is to support and assist all in the community who require help,” said local co-ordinator, Martin Gorman.

Martina can be contacted at 085 2833117 and the full list of names and contact numbers of the Response Team can be found on Clodiagh Gaels and Killeigh Community Centre Development Association Facebook pages 

Outlined Martina: “Our local Response Team will not be asked to endanger themselves in any way only to contact the local co-ordinator should a service be required. If a situation arises the county leader will be contacted promptly and will dispatch any emergency response services if required.”

“The aim is for the local Response Team to be in constant contact with the above mentioned group of their assigned areas to help and support if and when required,” outlined Martina.

She added: “Stay safe and as a community working together we can travel this journey together.”