Outrage as pregnant dog is found dumped on Offaly bog

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Outrage as pregnant dog is found dumped on Offaly bog

Outrage as pregnant dog is found dumped on Offaly bog

The Anabatic Lodge animal recuse group have expressed outrage after a pregnant Collie was found dumped on a bog near Edenderry.

The dog has been named Blossom by rescuers and it's estimated she will give birth to puppies in seven to ten days.

"While most of the world lay low, unfortunately, the cruelty continues," the group said.

"She was found, we believe, dumped down a quiet bog road which was miles from civilisation. How she got there? We don’t know. She was extremely lucky to be found at all given the isolated location."

Her rescuers say she was there long enough to endure negative effects on her physical and mental health. She was very frightened and weak and couldn't even stand up on her own.

"She was welded to the ground in where she lay and had to be lifted into the car. We can’t bear to think what she’s already been through.

"Blossom visited our vet where she was found to be young, extremely undernourished with a heavy worm burden and covered in fleas and heavily pregnant.

"She's now snug, warm, comfortable and being fed on a high calorific diet to help build up her strength.

"She won’t have to fret about trying to find somewhere safe and dry to have her babies. She wont have to worry about how she will manage to feed her babies... In fact she will never have to worry again... you're safe now Blossom We've got you❤

"As communities are pulling together against a virus we're hoping that you will pull together with us to help Blossom and her babies have the future they deserve," rescuers said.

"We hate to ask but we desperately need help with our vet bill and our feed bills. Wouldn't it feel great at this worrying time to be part of something amazing?

"We'll be sharing regular photos and updates of Blossom as her pregnancy progresses.

"We would like to say a huge thank you to the kind-hearted lady who found Blossom and ensured she got the help she needed. Your humility humbles our hearts.

This is how you can make a donation towards Blossom's veterinary care:

Donating via our PayPal (paypal.me/anablodge)


By calling our vets in Tullamore Veterinary Clinic directly to make a donation off our bill 057 93 20293, quoting ‘Anabatic Lodge’.

Directly to our bank: AIB Edenderry Co. Offaly
IBAN: IE83 AIBK 9324 6915 0770 25