Warning of snow, hail and thunder in weather forecast for Ireland

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Snow, hail and thunder in weather forecast for Ireland for tomorrow

Snow, hail and thunder in weather forecast for Ireland for tomorrow

Met Eireann is warning of snow, hail and thunder in the latest weather forecast for the coming days for Ireland.

The weather forecast for Sunday for Ireland from Met Eireann is for any lingering rain to clear eastern areas in the morning and brighter colder weather will follow to all areas. Sunshine and isolated showers will follow during the day, with an isolated snow shower possible in Ulster. Later in the evening a more organised band of showers will spread from the west. Some of the showers turning to sleet and snow especially over hills in Connacht and Ulster with a risk of hail and thunder also. Highs of 5 to 7 degrees in light to moderate southwest winds but stronger along Atlantic coasts.

It will be cold on Sunday night with showers or longer spells of rain, sleet or snow. The snow mainly on high ground. Minimum temperatures of -1 to +2 degrees in fresh and gusty southwest winds.

Monday will be a cold and blustery day with sunny spells and showers, some of sleet or snow. The showers will be heaviest and most frequent in the west in fresh and gusty southwest winds. Maximum afternoon temperatures ranging from 3 to 7 degrees, coldest across Ulster.

There will be clear spells and blustery wintry showers on Monday night with minimum temperatures of -2 to +2 degrees and a fairly widespread frost in areas sheltered from the fresh westerly breeze.

According to Met Eireann, it looks set to be cold and windy on Tuesday with some bright spells but also widespread showers. The showers will bring a mix of rain, hail and sleet with some snow on high ground. There will be a strong and gusty westerly wind with highest temperatures ranging just 3 to 6 degrees. Clear spells and scattered showers overnight but with the showers becoming increasingly isolated. Possibly an early frost with lows of 1 to 4 degrees but turning less cold later.

Current indications suggest it will turn less cold by mid-week but remaining unsettled with spells of wet and windy weather spreading from the Atlantic.