Missing Offaly cat turns up 35km away from home

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Missing Offaly cat turns up 35km away from home

Offaly SPCA is pondering the movements of an adventurous Offaly cat turned up four months after going missing.

This beautiful cat called Kotak has been missing from his home in Lusmagh, Banagher for over four months but appeared suddenly in the garden of a house in Mucklagh on Wednesday, December 11.

"This was much to the annoyance of the resident cats," the Offaly SPCA said.

That's a distance of over 35km or more than 20miles away from his home.

"Where has he been all this time? How did he get from Lusmagh to Mucklagh? We've no idea and he's not telling," they added. 

"Thanks to the power of Facebook and to all of you who have shared our post, this gorgeous cat is home in time for Christmas to be surrounded by the love of his owners and his brother who has been missing him dreadfully.

"Thank you for sharing our post. It really does help the lost and found animals.Thank you to the finder and thank you to everyone who fed this lovely wanderer on his travels.

"The moral of this story has to be don't give up hope, keep searching, you may still find your lost pet."