Offaly TD lends support to protesting farmers in Dublin

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly TD lends support to protesting farmers in Dublin

Offaly TD lends support to protesting farmers in Dublin

Independent TD Carol Nolan has said she will be offering her support to farmers attending an organised protest at the Dáil today.

Deputy Nolan was speaking as farmers from all parts of the state prepared to arrive outside Leinster House in their tractors in order to highlight what they see as the ongoing neglect of rural Ireland and the imposition of a damaging carbon tax regime:

“The last thing farmers want to be engaged in is active protests. But many of them feel that they have once again been left with no option especially in light of the hyped expectations around the Beef Sector Agreement and the failure to deliver on the commitments contained within that.

"There is also a definite sense that when it comes to the imposition of a carbon tax on the agriculture sector that not enough real on the ground analysis has been performed in terms of long term impacts.

"Farmers feel they are being made environmental scapegoats and they are pushing back against that.

"Even the Taoiseach admitted recently that the new carbon tax regime will increase the cost of transport for the haulage industry and have significant impacts on agriculture.

"We need a more detailed and honest conversation around these issues.

"The Taoiseach also accepted that the best way to get carbon tax done, would be on a cross-party basis and to agree on a trajectory over 10 years.

"The reality is however that many farmers feel they will be out in business in ten years if cost mitigation efforts are not brought in to assist them.

"The farmers who are protesting today are here to remind the government that the fabric of rural Ireland is under threat.

"This is not something they will accept lying down, and I for one will be supporting them in that approach,” concluded Deputy Nolan.