€500,000 invested in revamp of Edenderry's old Tesco site

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



€500,000 invested in revamp of Edenderry's old Tesco site

€500,000 invested in revamp of Edenderry's old Tesco site

Minister for Rural & Community Development, Michael Ring has announced funding of €522,000 for Edenderry's JKL backlands project which seeks to develop the old Tesco site in the town, an area extending to 28 acres.

Edenderry has been successful with its application under the Rural Regeneration and Development Programme which is part of Project Ireland 2040. It is one of 26 successful projects across the country this year under the second round.

The project seeks to turn the site into a mixed-use development, including shopping and housing units in the heart of Edenderry. It received €75,000 for a probing study on such a development last year. 

Reacting to today's funding, Marcella Corcoran Kenny TD said: "I want to thank my Government colleagues and most sincerely the Minister for Rural & Community Development, Michael Ring TD who has shown such a commitment to this project since last year.

"Thank you to everyone who made this possible and particularly to the vision and determination of my colleague Edenderry based Cllr Noel Cribbin.

"Today's announcement will go down as a red letter day for the town and is the vital second step in developing the huge site in the centre of Edenderry on JKL Street."

Edenderry Municipal District councillor, Liam Quinn, said: "Today’s announcement relates to category 1 of the Rural Development Fund which focuses on strategic, large-scale projects which are ready to commence and which are focused on the regeneration of rural towns and villages.  

"The project will deliver phase one of the Edenderry Regeneration Strategy, which will help unlock a large development site in the centre of the town and provide improved access. The project will form the basis for further regeneration initiatives that will facilitate the future growth and development of the town," he added.

Cllr Noel Cribbin said: "Great thanks must go to Marcella and to Minister Ring who has taken a great interest in this project since both Marcella and I made a presentation to the Minister in Government buildings less than 12 months ago.

"This is really brilliant news for the town of Edenderry and confirms the full commitment that I am receiving from Marcella and this Government's support for rural Ireland and in this case for Edenderry.

"This also confirms to me how right I was in joining Fine Gael, less than 12 months ago and the help and assistance that I am receiving from the party.

"I know well that as an Independent councillor these developments would never have got off the ground. Onwards and upwards for this fabulous site and developments for Edenderry," he concluded.