Offaly man in water safety fundraiser after tragic death of brother

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly man in water safety fundraiser after tragic death of brother

Offaly man in water safety fundraiser after tragic death of brother

20-year-old Gavin Buckley, brother of the late Aaron Buckley, is appealing to the public to support his fundraiser in aid of Irish Water Safety and Limerick Marine Search and Rescue.

Aaron, a talented Erin Rovers footballer, died after getting into difficulty while swimming with friends in the Abbey River in Limerick City on June 10 of this year.

In a heartfelt appeal, Aaron's brother Gavin said: "As most of you know, my brother Aaron was tragically taken from us earlier this year. Aaron was known by family and friends for his manner and politeness. He touched the lives of hundreds of people who he grew up with, in school, playing GAA and work colleagues.

"He was loved for all his qualities; his wit, his humour, his talents, his personality and his charm," Aaron continued.

"The Limerick Marine Search and Rescue played a big part in our lives on that day; they did their very best for Aaron and our family, and as a 'thank you' from us and a 'thank you' from Aaron, I've created this[ fundraiser]."

Later this month would have been Aaron's 23rd birthday and Gavin continued: "This year we may not be able to put money in a card for Aaron or buy him a present, but we can give back to those who touched our lives and helped him."

He explained that in Ireland, 133 people are taken from their families in water accidents every year.

"We can help prevent this with the right guidance in schools, through social media etc, and that's why I've added the Irish Water Safety.

"Everyone knows of someone tragically taken by the dangers of water, whether recent or in the past. It is never forgotten by the family and friends of a loved one. From myself and all my family we thank everyone who has been there for us the past couple of months.

"Let's get water safety spoken about more in schools, in communities, let's make everyone aware of the risks you take trusting water, without even thinking you're taking a risk. Let's help save lives and families grief, let's try cut down on tragic accidents happening in our country," Gavin concluded.

You can donate to Gavin's fundraising efforts HERE.