Weather forecast for Ireland from Met Eireann for the rest of the week

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


The weather forecast from Met Eireann for Ireland for the rest of the week is for the sunny and warm weather to continue for Thursday and Friday with a change coming at the weekend.

The weather forecast for Thursday for Ireland from Met Eireann is for early fog patches to clear to leave another dry and sunny day. It will become warm again with highest temperatures of 18 to 22 degrees, a bit fresher perhaps near south and east coasts due to onshore breezes.

The weather forecast for Friday for Ireland from Met Eireann is for another warm and sunny day with good sunshine but with a more noticeable moderate southeasterly breeze. Highs of 18 to 23 degrees, warmest across the west of the country.

The weather forecast for Saturday for Ireland from Met Eireann is for it to be humid and breezy. Much of the midlands, east and north will start out fine, dry and sunny but thicker cloud over southwestern parts of the country will see outbreaks of rain and drizzle developing during the morning. Most of the rain looks likely to affect the south and west of the country, where it may be heavy at times, but mainly dry conditions look likely to prevail further north and east until late in the day. Top temperatures on Saturday 17 to 23 degrees. Mostly moderate southeasterly breezes will be occasionally fresh and gusty near coasts.

The weather forecast for Sunday for Ireland from Met Eireann is for rain to clear the east coast on Sunday morning, with a mix of sunshine and showers following. Some of the showers could be heavy and possibly thundery. A cooler, less humid day with highs of 15 to 18 degrees in light or moderate southwest breezes.