Award winning Tullamore company closing its doors after 13 years in business

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


Award winning Tullamore company closing its doors after 13 years in business

Award winning Tullamore company closing its doors after 13 years in business

An award winning company based in Tullamore is closing it doors after 13 years in business in the town. 

Dezynamite, based on Patrick Street in the town, has gone into voluntary liquidation. 

The company had clients locally and across the country and delivered top quality design work since opening up in 2006. 

Among the factors that went into the decision to close was uncertainty over supply routes due to Brexit.

In a statement, the company confirmed that it will be closing its doors after 13 years in business.

"With extremely heavy hearts, we can confirm that Dezynamite is no more. There have been a number of mitigating factors which have in turn, forced us to take no other option but to go into voluntary liquidation. 

"To say that we are beyond devastated, would be an understatement. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers and associates for their immense support throughout the years. To our wonderful staff, who worked tirelessly and gave 110% in absolutely everything, we wish them every success in their future endeavors."

Company Director Jesse Morris signed off with an emotional poem.

Hello my friends, I need you all
If ever there was occasion
To lend your ears and heed my call
To answer this equation

Over twelve long years, we've done our best
We've gone that extra mile
Worked thru' the night, still here at dawn
Yet met you with a smile

Deadlines came, we met them all
Sacrifices by the score
We didn't mind, our heads held high
We kept an open door

Shadows came across our path
This year has been quite rough
Never did we think at all
It could ever get this tough

But we soldiered on, we did our best
Great compliments received
Our work is great, it stands the test
Awards we have achieved

Twelve long years, gone in a flash
What harm another more
But year thirteen, unlucky some
The battle now a war

Across the pond, our friends drag on
Their self-imposing Brexit
Uncertainty, economy
All reasons for an exit

As that bodes ill, our clients still
Try outlast another storm
Like dominoes they start to fall
Til now we must inform

The many years of great design
With our clients across the nation
It's with heavy heart and tear in eye
We announce our liquidation