Offaly community pulls together to ensure water supply for local school

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


A small Offaly community has rallied and banded together in recent weeks to ensure clean running water for a primary school.

Roscomroe National School in the parish of Kinnitty was facing the prospect of not being able to open for the new term in recent weeks due the discovery of contamination in their water supply. 

Pending funding for a more permanent, a group of locals and local representatives formed a committee to establish a temporary solution. 

Cllr John Leahy, who worked as part of the group, told the Offaly Express that what happened was "community spirit at its best."

Clareen Group Water Scheme, school principal Donal Ryan, his board of management, the water section of Offaly County Council, as well as local farmers and landowners cooperated to install a temporary pipe to service the small two-teacher school.

The pipe is running overground across five fields but Cllr John Leahy said that "with winter fast-approaching, there's potential there for the overground line to freeze."

"With this in mind, we are applying to the Department this week to expedite permanent funding before the harsh winter months arrive to ensure minimal disruption for the school's 30-40 pupils. 

A representative of Irish Water is understood to be engaged with the situation and Cllr John Leahy does not envision any issues in getting the application over the line. 

He said: "Without all those people, the group water scheme, water section of the council and farmers, that school would not have opened. It's great to see that community spirit in action."

It's understood the funding application for a longterm solution will be lodged this week.