EXCLUSIVE: Offaly man cleared of all charges after arrest in Kenya

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



EXCLUSIVE: Offaly man cleared of all charges after arrest in Kenya

EXCLUSIVE: Offaly man cleared of all charges after arrest in Kenya

An Offaly man has said he has been "vindicated" after being cleared of all visa-related charges brought against him in Kenya.

Tullamore native Rory Bracken had been preaching in the African country with the Testify World Ministries group and had performed ceremonies and healings, attracting thousands of followers and spectators. 

He was arrested and sent to prison in February of this year and first appeared in court on March 7 on visa charges.

The trial was put back on a number of occasions but Mr Bracken has told the Offaly Express that he was "acquitted of all charges" on Wednesday, August 14.

"It is a joyous day; I'm so happy and I give the Lord all the praise. Pastors ran away and left me. They didn't testify for me, and though I was left on my own, I can assure you that Jesus Christ, my Lord, never left me, and today I was vindicated by God," Rory remarked.

It's understood the judge said the prosecution failed to bring sufficient evidence that Mr Bracken was in breach of Kenya's visa laws.

ABOVE: Mr Bracken performing a healing ceremony 

The Tullamore native previously described as "inhumane" the conditions he experienced during a 22-day stint in jail in Kenya earlier this year.

He has vowed to fight for the rights of prisoners and also to take legal proceedings against the authorities in Kenya for their treatment of him during his ordeal and legal battle.

"These people have put me through hell. I've been in prison. My wife lost a baby through stress. I've been disgraced all over the; everybody deserted me, but God never left me," Rory said.

"I hold nothing against anyone; I just simply pray for all of them."

The Offaly man also said he is "disgusted" with the lack of help he received from the Irish government through the Irish Embassy and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

He feels as "a man falsely accused" he was "abandoned" by the Irish authorities. The Department of Foreign Affairs previously said that they had made contact with Rory at the time of his arrest.

He was also disappointed that he received "very little help from my home in Tullamore."

Rory is a former CBS Tullamore student who has spent many years preaching in Africa, as well as Pakistan. He is married to a woman in Uganda.

Rory has not made any plans for his immediate future, suggesting he has to be "very careful in Kenya" and that he may return to Ireland or move to Uganda.