Offaly forecaster predicts 'summer conditions' this weekend

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly weather forecaster Cathal Nolan from the Midland Weather Channel has predicted "summer conditions this weekend with plenty of sunshine."

"Summer returns this weekend across the country, with all areas expected to enjoy plenty of good sunshine. However, the most notable feature of the weather will be the temperatures, reaching as high as 26 degrees in some areas by Sunday, which is seven degrees above average for the Irish Midlands," Cathal said.

The warmest of the temperatures on Saturday will occur in counties Clare, Limerick, Cork and Kerry, where values will reach close to 23 or 24 degrees.

"On Sunday, the high pressure will be more centrally located meaning those higher temperatures will be focused more widespread across the country, though always somewhat cooler along the east coast."

Cathal's does caution his forecast with this advice: "Make the most of the sunshine over the weekend as it seems as though a transition to a somewhat more unstable Atlantic-dominated pattern emerges through the early days of next week, with rain returning and winds become fresher."

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