Offaly hospitality workers need to get their tips - TD

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly hospitality workers need to get their tips - TD

Offaly hospitality workers need to get their tips - TD

Laois TD and future Laois-Offaly election candidate, Brian Stanley, has said hospitality workers in both counties "need to be getting their tips."

Research has found that a third of workers have their tips regularly taken by their employer in Ireland and Stanley claims Sinn Féin’s new Bill would ensure that the worker would get to keep their tips.

Speaking last evening in the Dáil, Dep Stanley said: “If passed, Sinn Féin’s Bill would give hospitality workers a legal right to their tips."

“Our Bill would put an end to the injustice of low paid workers in the hospitality sector having their tips taken off them by some employers," he added.

“It is completely unacceptable that any worker would not have the legal right to take home the tips which they have earned that day."

“Our Bill would strengthen worker’s rights, and empower people who currently work in a sector that is dominated by low pay and precarious employment."

“The majority of people I have spoken to are actually surprised that workers don’t currently have a legal right to their tips and most people are shocked and outraged to find that when they leave a tip for a worker there is a high chance that the tips are actually going to the business."

“Within the constituency of Laois/ Offaly, we have a fantastic tourism industry which brings in a lot of business to the area, but that industry would not exist if it were not for the hard work and commitment of workers in the sector."

“It is absolutely shameful to think that this evening Fine Gael are going to vote to deny each and every one of those workers in my constituency a statutory right to their tips," he said.

“It is telling that the Minister did not find the time to meet with the Trade Union sector on this Bill; however, she did meet with the Employers representatives Restaurant Association Ireland."

“Sinn Féin is the party of ordinary people and we stand for workers’ rights. Sinn Féin is also the party of solutions and this Bill is an example of that."

“This Bill would give workers a right to what already belongs to them."

“I am calling on all parties to support the Bill this evening.”