Thieves strike in the Midlands as over kilometre of Eir cable stolen

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


Gardaí in the Midlands are appealing to the public for their assistance with regard to a number of thefts of Eir Cable.

The cable was take in the past fortnight  on last two consecutive Thursdays in adjoining townslands in Laois.

The first occurred at Hollymount on night of June 6 and 7 where approx 750 metres of cable was stolen.

The second occurred at Ballyharmon on June 13/14 when approx 600 metres.

Garai are appealing to anybody who saw any suspicious activity in those locations, or anyone transporting such cable.

They also urged the public to be vigilant and report any activity they believe to be unusual about Telecoms poles etc to their local Garda Station.

Contact Laois Gardai at 057 8674100