Offaly people build the biggest one-off houses in Ireland

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly people build the biggest one-off houses in Ireland

Offaly people build the biggest one-off houses in Ireland

Newly released statistics from UCD's Newslab show that Offaly self-builders construct the biggest one-off houses in the country.

The average floor size of houses getting planning permission in Offaly was 273 square metres, well above the national average of 239 square metres.

The figures are based on planning permission information collected by the Central Statistics Office. Dublin had the second smallest average new build size at 194 square metres.

Leitrim, the smallest county in Ireland, built the second largest one-off house with an average floor size of 268 square metres.

The figures also revealed that Cork had the largest number of planning permissions granted for one-off houses last year at 691. In this area, Offaly had one of the lowest with just 133 one-off houses granted planning permission in 2018.

These figures do not include large-scale property developments. One-off houses are defined by the CSO as a “single dwelling” and as such do not include detached houses that are part of a development.

There was a total of 5,481 planning permissions for one-off houses granted by local authorities nationwide in 2018. 

The number of permissions granted in Cork was 43 times greater than that of Leitrim which had the lowest in the country at just 16 planning permissions granted last year.

The stats show that while counties like Offaly and Leitrim build the fewest houses, the houses granted permission are some of the biggest in the whole country.

In contrast to their free-flowing planning culture, Cork’s single dwelling houses planning permissions were the smallest in the country at an average of 185 square metres.