Offaly 'helping hands' event to help groups secure funding

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


The Tullamore “Helping Hands” event on May 28 will advise community groups on submitting effective applications for grant funding – Minister Ring

The event is aimed at groups that have received little or no funding in the past.

Michael Ring TD, Minister for Rural and Community Development has announced that the event will provide information to community groups on how to submit effective applications for grant funding.

The free event forms part of the “Helping Hands” initiative, a series of six regional events that will run from the end of April to the end of May. These events will provide information on how to submit applications for grant funding and are aimed at groups that have received little or no funding in the past.

The Tullamore event covers the East Region and will take place on May 28 in St Mary’s Youth & Community Centre, Tullamore, Co Offaly.

Speaking about funding for rural communities Minister Ring said: "Recently I hosted a number of Rural Opportunity events around the country where I have met with community groups and seen first-hand how the funding they received has enabled them to deliver their successful projects. I recognise that the application process is often a daunting one for volunteers or other small organisations to negotiate."

“The “Helping Hands” series of events, which kicked off in Ballina last month, is aimed at helping groups that may not have been that successful in getting grant funding in the past. Sometimes the groups that have good ideas, and need it most, don’t make applications or are unsuccessful when they do."

“My Department and the wider Government make many grants available to community groups. For example, in 2018 I made €311,996 available to Offaly under the Community Enhancement Programme. This initiative will help to ensure that groups with good ideas get their fair share.”

The events in each region are being run by the Department of Rural and Community Development with support from Pobal, the Local Authority, the Irish Local Development Network, and the Local Development Company/Companies.