Offaly homelessess and rent hikes raised in the Dáil

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly homelessess and rent hikes raised in the Dáil

Offaly homelessess and rent hikes raised in the Dáil

The rising costs of rent in Laois and Offaly has been raised in the Dáil.

Speaking in the Dail last night the Sinn Fein TD for Laois and future Laois-Offaly candidate, Brian Stanley called for the “right to a home to be enshrined in the constitution."

Deputy Stanley said: “A right to a home is the most basic demand a person can have. Without a right to a home you can’t have any sort of stability in your life. You can’t start a family or plan for your future."

“Right now, there are 118 people homeless in the Midlands, 50 in Offaly and 19 people without a home in Laois – this is utterly shameful."

“And the responsibility for this housing crisis belongs to the failed right-wing, private market policies of Fine Gael," he claimed.

“Just this week, new figures by have revealed that rents have increased by an average of 8.5% in Offaly and an average of 10.7% in Laois in the past 12 months."

“How are ordinary people supposed to keep up with these increases? Workers wages are not increasing by 10% a year."

It is outrageous that we now have the lowest ever total on record of homes available to rent nationwide."

"Amazingly, rents in Laois and Offaly are now 30% above the 2008 peak prices. What we are seeing are families being priced out of a home and forced into homelessness. Could it be any clearer that this Government housing prices are absolutely failing?"

“Sinn Féin has repeatedly put forward measures to introduce rent controls across Ireland. We have consistently called for State intervention in the market to get a hold of the problem."

"This Government has failed to even designate the Midlands as a “Rent Pressure Zone’.  That is why we have called for a three-year rent freeze; an 8.5% tax relief for rents paid, and a doubling of the number of local authority homes built. It is essential that we build more homes and to introduce rent controls across the country. We need to enshrine the right to a home and shelter in the Constitution. Otherwise more families will be out in the cold."