Ireland weather forecast for the coming week from Met Eireann

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


The weather forecast for Ireland for the coming week from Met Eireann is for the cooler than average weather to prevail through much of this week. There will be mainly dry and settled conditions at first however this will be replaced by more changeable conditions as the week unfolds.

The weather forecast for Monday from Met Eireann is for it to be cloudy with the best of any hazy sunshine occurring during the morning. Still a good deal of dry weather overall but outbreaks of showery rain will affect Ulster through the day. Top temperatures of 9 to 13 degrees in light breezes.

Mostly cloudy with a few light showers on Monday night with lows of 2 to 6 degrees in light east to southeast or variable breezes.

The weather forecast for Tuesday is for it to be mostly cloudy with scattered showers. A few of the showers could turn heavy later in the day. Light to moderate east to southeast winds will be fresh near southwest coasts. Highs of 9 to 13 degrees. Met Eireann states that a spell of more persistent rain will develop in the south early on Tuesday night. Lows of 3 to 7 degrees in a light to moderate northeast breeze. 

According to Met Eireann, there will be cloud and rain in the east and south on Wednesday morning, breaking up in the afternoon with sunny spells and scattered showers. Highs of just 9 to 12 degrees and feeling cool in the moderate northeasterly breezes, which will be fresh at times near coasts. Clear spells and occasional showers overnight with lows of 1 to 5 degrees in light to moderate northwest breezes. 

The current weather forecast for Thursday is for sunny spells and scattered showers, some heavy in the afternoon. Highs of 9 to 12 degrees in a light to moderate northwest breeze. 

Met Eireann says there is still a high degree of uncertainty at this stage about the weather for Frifay, but there is potential for a spell of wet weather to move up from the southwest during the day. Highs of 9 to 12 degrees. Light to moderate easterly breezes, freshening on southern and western coasts. 

Current indications suggest a gradual return to settled weather and more seasonal temperatures over next weekend.