Edenderry calls for traffic movement study ahead of new road construction

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Edenderry calls for traffic movement study ahead of new road construction

Edenderry calls for traffic movement study ahead of new road construction

Edenderry Chamber of Commerce is calling on the County Council to commission a traffic movement study for the town.

The Chamber has entered discussions with the Council about the issue of traffic congestion and the Chamber are keen
that the Council commission a specialised study, Christine Traynor, Chairperson for the Chamber said.

"Traffic congestion has been identified as being the biggest obstacle to business development in Edenderry” and it certainly needs to be addressed."

“As we understand it, the Council are seeking funding to commission a Transport Plan and funding has yet to be secured."

"Traffic Impact Assessments are a must especially in light of the continued growth in the economy together with the growing
population of the town, roads are essential infrastructure that must be undertaken," Christine, who is a Fianna Fáil candidate for Edenderry in the upcoming Local Elections, said. 

"The Chamber are lobbying the Council to consider an integrated action plan for Edenderry, Edenderry VISION2030, and this type of masterplan for the town, is something that should be undertaken as most successful towns in the country have undertaken such planning."

Christine mentioned Westport as an excellent example: "Westport undertook their initial studies almost 25 years ago, and after that time frame it has gone from a rural town-left behind, and was featured more recently as ‘the Best Place to Live’. A lot can
be achieved if we properly plan the town’s future and we have some vision and that the residents are allowed to participate."

"The first priority of such a masterplan is a transport, movement & access plan, which will improve traffic and maximise connectivity."

“It seems to me that we all want the same thing and the Council already have started the process but have not yet completed it,” Christine added.

Christine also said that the Chamber is calling on the Council to review the proposed inner relief road on the Dublin Road to pursue the completion of a transport and traffic impact assessment.

"Recent coverage of this story suggested that Edenderry residents are calling for a €60 million euro orbital relief road to be constructed," Christine said, "but this is not the case."

"No one is calling for that; the residents of Edenderry want traffic congestion dealt with. We all want new roads but we also want better-maintained roads. The main thoroughfare through JKL Street needs to be resurfaced, and new traffic management systems considered and all that’s been asked is that the Local Area Plan be adhered to," she added.

"It seems that the proposed Part 8 project has been renamed as an inner relief road, when it is an ‘internal distributor
road’ on the map," Christine claimed. Offaly County Council is pursuing plans to construct a road connecting the Dublin road to Monasteroris on opposite sides of Edenderry.

"This is causing a lot of confusion during the public consultation process," Christine said. She added that this proposed road "cannot be an inner relief road by its definition as it does not bypass the town; it is a road that will act as an internal
distributor road bringing traffic from Tesco to Dunnes and into the business campus on the north west side of Edenderry."

“We all want investment in the town, we need it, no one is arguing against road construction, just that the road should be described as it is, and its purpose should be clear."

Christine added: "The Local Area Plan shows an indicative relief road which is mapped to the south of the town, it links the R402 Dublin Road to the R402 Tullamore Road, it is partially constructed.”

The election hopeful recognised that the Council have confirmed their intention to undertake a Transport Study for Edenderry “but it's not completed as yet."

"I think it is prudent that the Council should complete the Transport Study and “all traffic management measures should be looked at, if the problem is traffic congestion, everyone is asking what is being done to alleviate the traffic congestion in the middle of town," Traynor concluded.